RV Park Help



Application Overview

Software Registration

Setting Up RV Park

Site Alias Naming

Define Existing Guests

Registering A Guest

Making a Reservation

Making Multiple Reservations for One Guest

Cancelling A Reservation

Generating a Bill

Adding/Removing Other Charges

Receiving a Payment

Making a Refund

Entering Payment Type Information

Making Multiple Reservations for One Guest

Sending an Email Reservation Confirmation

Checking Out a Guest

Delete A Guest

Daily Site Occupied List

Flagging a Guest as Someone You Don't Want Again

Prorating A Weekly or Monthly Bill

Change or Charge a Weekly or Monthly Guest to Daily

Not Prorating when Guest stays longer than the Week/Month

Database Management

Exporting Data to QuickBooks

Printing Electric Meter Collection Sheets

On-Line Reservations

Running Multiple Computers

Path File Info

RV Park Updates

Other Features

Point Of Sale Activities

System Requirements

Check for Updates or Buy RV Park

End User License Agreement

Program Will NOT Run

Windows 7 And 8 Compatibility Files

Import Old System Information into RV Park Database

Set Rates Globally by Site Type

Run RV Park Remotely Over an Internet Connection

Really Cool Internet Tools

Other Charge Item Inventory Management

Holding a Reservation for an Existing Guest

Turn Off Guest Rent Taxes

Change Default Printer

Printer Control

OverRide Site Rent in Guest Panel

Add or Change QuickBook Fields in Billing Table

Track How Guests Hear About Your Park

Flagging a Guest on the Grid and Maps

Formatting the Guest Name

Reprint Billing Statement

Change Previous Balance

Assign a New Site to an Existing Guest

Out Of Service Reservations

Guest Check Out Warning

Having a Flexible License

Managing a Park with Member Owned Sites

Pay Park Maintenance Fee

Move Guest to a New/Different Site

Driver License Scan Into Guest Panel


Main Panel

Park SetUp

Park Information

Site Setup

Report Generation

Rate Adjustments

Other Charges

Tax Rent Settings

Inventory Management Panel

Site Grid

Guest Information

Available Sites

Database Restore

Billing Database Editing

Enter Charges Other than Site Related

Archive and Retrieval of Billing Data

Database Access Panels

QuickBooks Fields

Electric Meter Management

Multiple Billing Statements

Data Export

Arrival/Departure Reservation Grid Panel

Arrival/Departure Reservation Panel Settings

Park Maps

Data Import Tool

Email Setup

Schedule Park Events/Bookings

Multiple Reservation Panel

Group Reservations

Software Registration Panel

Reservation Search Panel

Maintenance Orders

Grid Date Color Selection

Tips And Tricks

Backing Up RV Park & It's Data

Preview Confirmation Emails

Automatically send yourself a Copy of the Confirmation Email

Quickly Enter the Paid-Thru Date in the Guest Panel

Download Current RV Park Software

Override the Site Rate in the Guest Panel

Change the RV Park background Image to your own

Make a Backup of ALL RV Park Key Files/Data

A Simple On-Line Reservations for Your Site with Auto Guest Data Input

Point of Sale Using a Hand Scanner

Checking Out Multiple Guests

Entering an Ampersand (&) in your Park Name

Send Your DB Via Email

Revision Tracking