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Software Registration

This software is a licensed copy of an application developed by E-Business Made Simple. It is NOT Freeware. One may use it as a trial version for 30 days without the use of a KEY. After the 30 Day Trial Period, the software must be provided the KEY to be a fully functional application again.  For more Information see Software Registration Panel.

If you need additional time, a 30 day extension key can be provided by going to:


or Emailing your request. You can also request a second 30 day extension (a total of 90 days) to evaluate the software. This requires another key and contacting us. We want you to be happy with the software before you purchase.

During the trial period, there are no references to the trial except during the initial launch of the software. A license can be purchased from E-Business Made Simple at:


Email us at



E-Business Made Simple

PO Box 70

Howard, CO 81233-0070

Phone: 719-239-9768

Register Process:

Once you have purchased the Software by providing the Challenge Code, you will receive a Email with the License Key.  Copy & Paste the License Key into the Key Code field of the Software Registration panel and press the Validate Key Code Button.


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