RV Park Help


Path File Information

The Path.txt file is a required file for RV Park Software that provides the Directory location of the Database and where your Backups of the Database will be accomplished. This file is automatically created when you first launch RV Park with the Application Directory in both lines of the tool.  The file contents are but two lines that may look like this:

c:\program files (x86)\rvpark

c:\program files (x86)\rvpark

graphic  Windows 7 & 8 & 10 Compatibility Setting If you are using Windows 7, 8 or 10, you need to set the RV Park program's Compatibility settings.  This should be done and verified you have done it correctly before doing anything else.  See HERE for more information.

Again, the first line is where the Databases (Park.MDB; Other.MDB; and ArchivePark.MDB) are located.  This line can be altered to point to a Hosting Computer so that you can run RV Park on multiple computers in a Network environment.  The second line is where you want your Backups of the Park.MDB database to be placed.

The file can be modified by 2 different means: 1) You can simply edit the file directly, typing the paths for each purpose and then saving the file.  OR 2) You can use the Park Information Panel and enter the proper paths in the fields and press the Save button. The Path.txt file will be recreated with your information included.  NOTE: If RV Park cannot find the Databases, you will get errors and the program will terminate.

It should also be NOTED that the Park Information Save operation saves the changes to the Application Directory.  This means that if you are on a Satellite Computer the Save changes the Satellite's Path.txt file NOT the Hosting Computer's file. 

If you are trying to run RV Park on Multiple Computers, one Important point that should be made is; you may want to install RV Park in it's own directory on the Hosting Computer in the C Drive by itself, as opposes to, in the Program Files directory structure to avoid some of  Windows Security issues. Example: C:\RVPark NOT C:\Program Files\RVPark