RV Park Help


Having a Flexible License

RV Park Software can be run on different computers by Networking several PCs (See Running Multiple Computers) or by Licensing the Software on a USB Hard Drive and then moving the USB Hard Drive between the Computers you want to use RV Park Software.

So, if you are interested in this approach, you will need to have a USB Hard Drive see HERE for  an example. A 500GB would be large enough, but it may be easier to find 1TB or larger.

It is recommend you set things up is as follows ... numerous PCs could use the USB Hard Drive and run the program (as in the Running Multiple Computers senario). The limit would be one at a time, unless the PCs are networked to the PC with the USB drive and the USB drive was properly shared out to those other PCs.


1) Buy a USB Hard Drive

2) Load the Full version of RV Park software on the PC in the root C:\ drive from HERE to a directory like C:\RVPark

3) Start the software for the first time (it will create the run path)

4) Restart the software for the second time; define your Passwords for accessing the Database and to OverRide the rent

5) From then on every time you start the software it will tell you how many days are left on the evaluation ... 30 to start with. During the evaluation, always press No when asked for a Key Code so you can continue the evaluation (unless you want to enter an evaluation extension code).

6) On the Main panel, use the Help option in the upper left corner and use the RV Training option and go through the document from start to finish (look for the Film Strip icon on the top of many of the pages, which will take you to a on-line video of the material discussed).

Now to make it portable:

1) Plug the USB Drive into the computer running the software

2) Create a directory in the USB drive (NOTE: Plugging in the USB drive will make it the next available drive letter on the PC it is plugged into. This is very important, because if you change other items plugged in, it's drive letter may change and could cause you issues once you set the path to it in later steps.)

3) Lets say, when you use Windows Explorer and view the new USB drive it is the E:\ drive. You need to create a directory in it like E:\RVPark

4) Then in the original C:\RVPark directory in the first section step 2 you will need to copy the following files to the E:\RVPark directory (I am leaving out typical Windows commands)




5) Now assuming everything I have conveyed is complete and the naming convention is as stated, you will need to change the Path for RV Park Software to operate. Open RV Park software; use the SetUp option; use the Campground Information option; about midway down in the General Settings area (left side of panel) there is a DatabasePath field, change it to the E:\RVPark directory path and press the Save button. Pick No on the popup for if the database exists.

You should be running on the USB drive's DB and when/if you decide to purchase the software, the license will be synced to the USB Hard Drive and not the actual PC. That way, you can load the software on a different PC, plug the USB drive in; determine the drive letter; and change the path line as in 5) above, and you would be running on that PC.

I do not recommend the Thumb or Flash drive. The USB hard drive is a much better option for my software. Remember, RV Park Software is basically Licensed to a Hard Drive. So, if you decide to purchase it the Challenge Code (if everything is properly setup according to my instructions above) will be coming from the USB Hard Drive. Making the USB Hard Drive the licensed entity.

One way to test this, is to go to the Setup option from the main panel and press the Change Key option in the left column. Write down the Challenge Code. Go back to the Campground Information option and change the DatabasePath field back to C:\RVPark and press Save then pick No that the DB is already there. Go back to the Change Key option in SetUp and write down the Challenge Code. They should be different.

Don't forget to change the DatabasePath field back to the E:\RVPark location.

NOTE: If you decide to use this approach, you should set your backup to the C:\RVPark directory, just in case the USB Hard Drive ever fails you won't lose your data.