RV Park Help


Change or Charge a Weekly or Monthly Guest to Daily

There are many times when a Guest needs to stay over a few days after being set up as a Weekly or Monthly pay. The reverse is also true, someone may pay for a few days and then want to go to a Weekly or Monthly pay rate. Either situation is easily handled by simply changing their Pay type after their previous Paid Thru Date Billing has been processed. Remember, you follow the normal steps; enter a Paid Thru Date, and then press the 1) Create a Bill button; followed by pressing the 2) Bill Paid (receive the money) button. After the transaction is completed, you can then change their Type of Stay to Daily (as shown below) and Save the Guest and you are ready to start charging them as a Daily Guest.


The same holds true for a Daily Guest that wants to begin staying and Billed as a Weekly or Monthly Guest. Basically, you can change their Type of Stay anytime you want, but you may have rules at your Park governing when and if you can change a Guest's Type of Stay.