RV Park Help


Software Registration Panel

This panel provides you with the means to register the program which is accessed from the Setup panel and Change Key option.


The Challenge Code is provided to E-Business Made Simple and a corresponding  Key Code will be provided to register the software.

The Extend Evaluation Code field is where one can enter a code to extend the evaluation time to 60 days.  If needed, E-Business can provide another extension code that will extend the evaluation to 90 days, but you must contact us for that key.

After the proper Key Code is entered, the Extend Evaluation Code field will no longer be visible.

Note: If you attempt to "Guess" the Key Code, the tool will automatically terminate itself and be permanently disabled after 3 attempts.  Please do not do this. 

If by some chance a Key Code provided by E-Business does not work after being Copied & Pasted into the field after 2  tries, contact us immediately.