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Driver License Scan Into Guest Panel

For a small investment, you can simplify and speed up the Guest Information into the Guest Panel.  If the Guest is standing in front of you, they can provide their Driver License and if you have a Magnetic Stripe or 2D Barcode scanner, you can quickly enter their information in the Guest Form.  If you have the Magnetic Stripe reader, just select the Magnetic Scan option just above the Name field and when the Pop-Up frame is displayed, just slide the card through the reader and the Guest panel will get the Name; Address; City; State, Zip; and Driver License (plus the Guest's date of birth).  If you use the 2D Barcode scan option, you will get the same results. 

Note the seconds at the top of the Pop-Up and if they get too close to zero, you can RESTART the timer. 

graphic  TIP:I believe the 2D Barcode scanner will be more accurate because the Standard in in place for all states to use.  

NOTE:  If you find either approach does not work, please create a Text file and use the Magnetic or 2D device to input a sample.  Name the file after the State and send it to me to trouble shoot the software. Example: Texas.txt  MailTo: 

I used a USB Swipe Magnetic Credit Card Reader 3 Tracks Mini Smart Card Reader from Amazon that costs about $16 ... I don't think this will be as good as the 2D scanner ... Not all states  use a Magnetic stripe and they may not be as standardized as the 2D unit.


For  the 2D Barcode scanner I used Handheld 2D Barcode Scanner QR PDF417 Data Matrix 1D Bar Code Scanner Wired Barcode Reader with USB Cable again from Amazon for about $27.  If you choose this approach, you can also use it for the Point Of Sale option to scan UPC item codes.

The key for this is it must be a 2D scanner that accepts PDF417 data scans.  I also tried a more expensive 2D scanner,  MOTOROLA/SYMBOL DS9208 with USB cable for about $58.

I didn't like the stationary style, I liked the "gun" style better.