RV Park Help


Reservation Panel Settings

In this panel you can set the Reservation Grid Panel Column Headers and their respective Widths to better suit your requirements.  Just use the Clear/Reset button and with the Drop Down box, select which Header you want in each Column until all Columns have a Header.  Then you can save your configuration for later use.

Use the Reset To Defaults button to go back to the original settings.  NOTE: This is only a temporary change unless you Save those settings.

TIP graphic : Using the Reset to Defaults button can let you change between 2 configurations in a Session.  Once you end the Program, it will go back to your Saved Settings on the next Startup.

Note:  Header8 and Header9 can be entered manually as oppose to using the DropDown tool.  Here are some  of the Field Names available (They MUST BE Accurate or the Applicatio0n will NOT work):