RV Park Help


Define Existing Guests

Once the RV Park is setup, all that remains is entering your Guests and assigning them to a Site. This is handled on a single form, the Guest Information Panel. If you already have Guests, you can enter their information in the upper left portion of the panel, provide their vehicle or RV information, select their method of payment (daily/weekly/monthly,etc.), and enter their arrival and departure dates.

NOTE: If this is an existing Guest, you may want to enter their arrival date at the time they last paid or their "paid through" date. This will simplify their next Billing, otherwise, the application will attempt to Bill them for previous rent.

NOTE: If the Arrival Date is before today's date, you will have to press Yes when the Warning message appears.

Then press the AvailSites Button and select their site from the list. Always remember to SAVE the Guest before going to another Guest, Site, or New Reservation ... or you may lose your work. Once the Guest is Saved, the Site is no longer available for those dates.

NOTE:  When using the AvailSites button, remember it is checking the database for a matching criteria of the information on the Guest panel for the Guest.  That is, the type of guest (5th Wheel vs Motorhome); Electric, Water, Sewer, Length, and Width of the RV. If you haven't setup the Sites with all of their information the Search may not provide what you need.  You may simply want to use the Assign New Site button and enter their actual site.