RV Park Help


Set Rates Globally by Site Type

This is a new feature added to aid in setting new rates for any Site Type.  There are times when you want to change the Rates on a particular Site Type.  This new feature will allow you to do this.  Generally, a Site may have multiple Site Types assigned to it, so, you may need to use this carefully.  Many sites may accommodate Campers, Travel Trailers, and Motorhomes, which don't help much, but if you have created Site Types like: 30 Amp; 50 Amp; Motorhome; Tents; Boat Slips; Cabins; etc. that may need Rate Adjustments, this feature could be very helpful.

In the bottom right corner of the Park Information Panel, one can determine Default Values for Site Rates.  The Set All Sites to Default Rates button makes it quick to set ALL Sites Rates to One Standard Rate.  RV Park Software does provide the capability for Each Site to have Unique Rates, but this button would allow ALL sites to have the same rate.  Just below that button is a tool to select the Site Type you want (Like Cabins) and change the Default Rates above for All Cabins Default Rates and press the Set Site Type to Default Rates button, changing only Sites that have the Cabins box checked.