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Backing Up RV Park & It's Data Files -

This is most likely MOST IMPORTANT advise we can offer you: Backup your RV Park data DAILY!!!

RV Park has a built in tool to Compress the Database and create a BackUp copy of your database everyday and can be setup in the Campground Information panel in the left bottom of the panel.  There is also a Database BackUp Path setting (just above the Compress/Backup settings) that will allow you to determine where this will be saved.

Over the years we have had numerous Customers that have called after their computer's Hard Drive has CRASHED pleading for a copy of their database.  They never setup the Auto-Backup to a safe/secondary location and have now lost everything.

Please invest in a USB External Hard Drive, or a large Thumb Drive that can be used to BackUp your Database.  A 500 GB USB External HD can be bought for around $50 and will save you from hundreds of hours of trying to recover from a devastating computer crash.  If you go for a Flash Drive, get at least a 64GB ... about $30 (I bought a PNY 64GB Elite microSDXC UHS-I/U1 Class 10 Memory Card with OTG Reader 85MB/s SP for less than $22 on EBay about the size of your thumb).  The DB will grow over time, and there will be 7 BackUps (Monday thru Sunday) written to the drive.

RV Park Software has several tools to protect your Data:

1)  The auto Compress & Backup feature in the Campground Information SetUp area

2)  Manual Compress and BackUp feature in the SetUp panel

3)  Send Your DB to E-Bus - creates a Zip file of ALL of your Key Files in your RVPark Directory and sends a copy to our on-line server (recommended you do this once a month)

4)  You can Email your DB every time you close RV Park Software to whomever in the Campground Information panel in the upper right area by checking the box.