RV Park Help


Site Alias Naming

One of the really important features of this tool is the ability to create unique Names for your Sites or Properties, called Site Alias.  Before creating all of your sites, you may want to think about how you want to organize your Park or Properties.  There are several factors that may change how you decide to Name the Sites.  Sites don't have to be just numbers, they can have Alpha characters before and/or after a number.  You are limited to 7 characters.

Site Features - You may want to use Alpha characters to designate something about a Site like "Pull Thru" or "Shade", or other "Features".  To do this, you can use the Site Alias to reflect these Features like: 004P or 008S or even 006PS ...

Site Types - There are also times when you may have different Site Types you want to manage like not only RV Sites, but Storage Units; Slots; Boat Slips; or whatever ... Here you can use a few Characters in the beginning of the Site Alias to key the Site Type like: RV001 or ST005 or BS045

NOTE: In the Examples, we are showing 3 characters for the number "004".  This is because the lists will be Alphanumerically sorted.  If you numbered RV1 ... RV32 ... RV112, the listing in the Reservation Grid would look like this:  RV1; RV11; RV12; RV13; ... RV2; RV21; RV22; ... Not really what you would want.

Addresses - You may also want to use an Address as the Site Alias, as long as they are all Unique.

When you first set up the Sites, there is a Copy Site tool that can help set the Site Alias names if you are using an Alpha Prefix like "RV".  Please see HERE for help using this.