RV Park Help



Version 3.5.52 (11-28-2022)


1)  Added the feature to create, edit, delete, and create reports for Maintenance Orders. Thanks, Willow

2)  Added the feature to change the Guest Flag color for the Reservation Grid.  Thanks, Tom

Version 3.5.51b (08-27-2022)


1)  Removed several debugging messages I forgot ... Thanks, Vic

Version 3.5.51a (07-25-2022)


1) Added the requirement of the Database Password to be ale to Delete a Guest in the Guest Panel. Thanks, Tom

Version 3.5.51 (06-30-2022)


1) Added the ability to add an UpChg to Deposit transactions.  The Guest MUST be set to using a Credit Card and the UpChg is "turned on".  A receipt can be generated for the Guest and either printed or Emailed.

2) Added a Phone & Cell number search to the Guest Panel. Thanks, Van

Version 3.5.50 (11-28-2021)


1) Fixed an error in the Occupancy Report to the Printer and Text output created when a Guest name was greater than 44 characters. The Report now trims the Guest Name to 44 characters. Thanks, Tom

Version 3.5.49 (05-22-2021)


1) Added some code to the Arrival/Departure Reservation Grid Settings panel to help avoid entering Non-Table values causing the program to crash.

2) Added Date row Color options to the Grid panel. You can have each day of the week a different color if you wish. Settings are available from the Park Information panel.

3) Added a "To" date to the Arrival Reservation Grid Panel. This was already there for Departures, and now you can use a From/To date span to determine the Guest Arrivals.


1) Fixed an issue when using the Reservation Grid panel and the Type of Stay not being properly conveyed. Thanks, Al

Version 3.5.48 (10-10-2020)


1)  Added support for the newer versions of Excel to save with an xlsx extension.

2)  Added direct access to ALL web based Reservations to select or delete them from the On-Line reservation database from the Guest panel.

3)  Added a value to make it possible to enlarge the Reservation Grid Cells for a larger view.

4)  Added auto selection for Site Type on new Reservation, provided there is only one Site Type selected for a Site.  If more than one are selected, the first one is selected automatically.

5)  Added checkboxes to password panels to show the passwords being entered.

6) Added a click to add 7 or 30 days to the Departure Date text.  If the Guest is a Monthly Pay and the Departure Date is less than 25 days from the current date, it will add 30 days ... after which it will add one day.

7)  Added a Site checkbox for Cleaning a Site (like a Cabin or Motel Room) upon Guest Checkout.  Two new reports were also created to support this option.  One to find Sites that need Cleaning and another to see when Checked Sites were last cleaned.

8)  Added the ability to scan the Magnetic Stripe or 2D Barcode (PDF417) of a Driver's License to quickly input the Guest information.

9)  After 15 years of a No Maintenance Fees approach, we have had to require a yearly Maintenance Fee.  The yearly fee will be $100 and include any software updates, additional 5 hours of support (if there are software issues being addressed, these hours are not counted), and if needed, you will be able to get a Replacement License for a new computer (once a year).  Not remitting your yearly Maintenance Fee will result in the Software failing to run.  The due Date is 90 days from the install of this version for purchases which are from more than a year ago ... for purchases of less than a year ago, your Maintenance due date will be a year from your purchase anniversary date.  This is NOT currently turned on.

This was something we have been avoiding, but we can't continue to support this for nothing.  Thanks for your understanding.  Please contact us with any issues.

Bug Fixes:

1)  Added enhanced error reporting.

2)  Fixed several minor errors.

Version 3.5.47 Beta b  (02-05-2020)


1)  Added a capability to the Arrival/Departure Reservation tool settings Panel to change the fields to Guest database tables.  Thanks, Al

Bug Fixes:

1)  Fixed an issue that was adding records to the Headers table each time the program was started.

Version 3.5.47 Beta a  (01-28-2020)


1)  Added the AliasNumber field to the Billing and Other Billing tables.

2)  Added a button to the Edit Billing Database to AutoUpdate the AliasNumber and QuickBook Type and Account fields across the above tables.

3)  Added an Owner Sites Rental Report to help with tracking this type of activity. These first 3 enhancements were done to help support parks with Owner Lots. - Thanks, Jim

Version 3.5.46b (12-31-2019)

This  version provides a fix for the Days Occupied report.  Somehow one character was deleted from a query ... Gremlins!

Version 3.5.46a (12-28-2019)

This change fixes a few errors in the retrieval and deletion of On-Line Reservations.

Version 3.5.46 (11-16-2019)

This version was needed because RV Park Software moved to a new set of Internet Servers. Certain features of Older versions of RV Park Software will not work properly.

Version 3.5.45 Beta a (05-16-2019)


1)  Added the display of Guest Notes to the Reservation Grid and Map panels, with the Show Guest Notes checkbox checked. Thanks - Steve

Version 3.5.44 (03-27-2019)

Rolled all the Beta 3.5.43 versions into the production release.

Version 3.5.43g (03-21-2019)


1)  Added a Print option to the Electric Meter panel.  Thanks, Becky

Version 3.5.43f (02-20-2019)


1)  Fixed an issue with Archiving Billing records. The PayType field needed to be extended from 15 to 35 characters.

Version 3.5.43e (02-15-2019)


1)  Fixed an issue with Flagging a Guest on the Reservation Grid ... again.

Version 3.5.43d (01-13-2019)


1)  Fixed an issue on the Guest Panel Rate estimate in Red in the upper right corner to better reflect the Summer or Winter Rate.  Thanks - Jim

2)  Fixed an issue when entering a Password to unlock the Setup Panel and pressing the "Validate" button - the application locks up.  If just pressing enter, it worked fine.  This is fixed. - Thanks, Ken

Version 3.5.43c (12-21-2018)


1)  Fixed an issue with Flagging a Guest on the Reservation Grid.

Version 3.5.43b (12-18-2018)


1)  Added a new security feature to the Setup Panel to restrict access.

Version 3.5.43a (12-13-2018)


1)  Fixed the Email Password pop-up when sending a Deposit or Confirmation Email.  Thanks Jim & Barb

2)  Added a Site Alias field to the Edit Database panel so when Re-Printing a receipt it can have the Site Alias displayed.  Thanks Jim & Barb

Version 3.5.42 (11-10-2018)

Rolled the Beta Version into Production

Version 3.5.41f (11-09-2018)


1)  Fixed an issue in the Occupancy Report for UnOccupied Sites that have a future occupancy.  The report was showing the Departure Date one day sooner than it was.  Thanks - Alicia

Version 3.5.41e (10-03-2018)


1)  Added a new Report, Days Occupied, to look at the GuestHistory and Guest tables to determine how many days all Guests werein the Park between an entered From and To date. Thanks - Fred

2)  Added the Payment Type to an Email Paid Bill. Thanks - Alicia

Version 3.5.41d (09-08-2018)


1) Changed the "Print This Billing Record" in the Edit Billing Database panel to be more consistent on the type of reprinted Bill being generated. Any Deposit or Point Of Sale type receipt will be the Text (simple) output and a Guest Bill will be in the form of the Guest Bill type receipt. Thanks, Brian

Version 3.5.41c (08-01-2018)


1)  Extended the Campground Information Phone and FAX fields to 16 characters.

2)  Fixed a problem with the Deposit Print hanging up when no deposit was present.

3)  Fixed the Deposit Print/Email to include the Name; Amount; and Payment Type information. - Thanks, Brian

Version 3.5.41b (07-21-2018)


1)  Added a third Vehicle line to the Guest panel.- Thanks, Alicia

Version 3.5.41a (05-06-2018)


1)  Added the ability to create Interim Billing statements in the Multiple Billing panel.  This makes it possible to provide Guests with an Electric Bill without having the Rent on the Bill.  Some parks charge the rent on the 1st and the Electric on the 15th.

Version 3.5.40 (05-02-2018)

Rolled the Beta Version into Production

Version 3.5.39d (04-28-2018)


1)  Enhanced the Meter Reading output to be darker and better formatted.

2)  Added a check for the Guest Email field to assure only on Email address was entered.


1)  Fixed an issue with the Emailing a Bill function.  Thanks - Alicia

Version 3.5.39c (02-22-2018)


1)  Added a line to the Paper copies of the Bill and the Reprint Bill to clarify a Rate Adjustment and/or Discount. Thanks, Alicia

Version 3.5.39b (02-20-2018)


1)  Added a line to the Email Bill to clarify a Rate Adjustment and/or Discount. Thanks, Alicia


1)  Fixed the "Other Charges" amount is a quantity was used.  It was just reflecting the amount of a quantity of 1.  Thanks, Alicia

Version 3.5.39a (01-14-2018)


1)  Added a Color feature to the Occupancy Report to reflect the colors for Occupied Sites that are Flagged Guest/Hold Reservations/Out of Service Sites/Group Reservations colored, as on the Reservation Grid panel. - Thanks, Phil

2)  Added two Customer defined Checkboxes to the Guest Panel for whatever purpose you may have.  One can define what they are in the Campground Information panel and then either Check them or not.  Checking them will turn them RED and BOLD.  One can use the Export Excel Data to create a Report with the Guests that were checked.

3)  The Export Excel Data tool has been enhanced to allow Queries like:


Field = true

One can enter your own query like:

Field IS NULL           (By entering IS in the middle field)

Version 3.5.38 (12-29-2017)

Production turnover.  Changes from Beta 3.5.37c are only to remove the type of payment from the Bill when the Do Not Show Amount Paid box is checked.

Version 3.5.37c (11-12-2017)


1)  Fixed an issue with resetting system when User renders it Illegal to use. Generally, when the User enters a Key Code incorrectly 3 times.

2)  Fixed the Email the Guest Bill to show Total Due if the Do Not Show Amount Paid box is checked and Amount Paid if the box is Not checked.

3)  Fixed the Print/Email Confirmation & Deposit reciept option in the Guest panel.  It was only available if the Preview/Edit Confirmation Emails option was checked in the SMTP setup panel.  Now you can just print or Email them without reviewing them.

Version 3.5.37a (10-13-2017)


1)  Added a feature to the Guest panel, Advertising (How Did You Find Out About Us) capability. If you "Clear" the Advertising field and Save the Guest, the Guest's Advertising selection is removed, so that, No Advertising is saved.


1)  Fixed a problem with the Advertising (How Did You Find Out About Us) feature. The program would allow entering a Blank or Space character as the first character for the item causing issues.  Added a check to eliminate that issue and a routine to clean up previous entries.  Thanks, Trent

Version 3.5.36 (09-08-2017)


1)  Fixed an issue in Check Out Guest that forced one to Check Out the Guest twice if the Departure Date was in the future or the Guest was paid out further than the checkout date.

2) Added a check to the Email List Report to catch errors.

Version 3.5.35b (07-01-2017)


1)  Added Remove All Sites to Site Definition panel.  This requires assistance from E-Business Made Simple.  There can be issues if there are guests in the sites.  The option is for initial SetUp ONLY.

Version 3.5.35a (06-09-2017)


1)  Fixed a crash issue in the Park Information panel when attempting to change the Thanks field in the Billing area.

2)  Fixed the Update program to work with the new Server when a New Version is released to allow Downloading of the Updated RV Park.  If a Beta release is available, one can also retrieve it now.


1)  Added a Download RV Park Software tool to the SetUp panel for Current and (if available) Beta Versions of the software.

Version 3.5.34 (05-28-2017)

There are no changes from 3.5.33d except the UpDate Software being changed to support the move of RV Park to a new set of servers.

Version 3.5.33d (05-23-2017)

1) Changed the Server for Send Your DB to us and retrieve your DB, due to RV Park Software moving to a new ISP. Older versions of the software will no longer work for this feature.

Version 3.5.33c (05-17-2017)

1) Fixed a bug in the Send Reservation tool to properly set a variable. This was seen when trying to Output a Reservation ... nothing happened.

2) Fixed an issue when reprinting a receipt from the Edit Billing Database panel not displaying a negative Other Charge when it was saved in the Positive field.

Version 3.5.33b (04-20-2017)


1) Fixed the Billing option for Extra Days. When Weekly or Monthly payment types are selected (7 and 30 day Billing cycle) and more than the cycle days are being paid for and the Bill Extra Days is checked, the Bill will use the extra days times the Daily Rate.

Version 3.5.33a (04-12-2017)


1) Added a Deposit Receipt and improved the Reservation Confirmation output tool.

2) Added an Outstanding Balance note in the Billing margin.

Version 3.5.32  (04-04-2017)

No real changes, just a clean Production Release.

Version 3.5.31d (03-28-2017)


1) Fixed a Group Reservation issue for checking availability and removed a warning message from the Multiple Billing option.

Version 3.5.31c (02-09-2017)


1)  Changed the Bill output to NOT show the Type of Payment if the Guest Panel's "Do Not Show Amt Paid on Bill" checkbox is checked. - Thanks, Bobby

2)  Added the projected Rate to the Guest panel in RED based on the Site Rate for the Stay Type (Daily, Weekly, Monthly) selected. This will assist in quoting what will be charged to the Guest prior to the Billing cycle. - Thanks, Rhonda

Version 3.5.31b (02-01-2017)


1)  Added a new Check for Guests that may need to be checked out during the initial start up process.  It is critical to properly Check Out Guests when they leave the park.  If this is not done, the database will NOT work properly.  The check will automatically check for Guests that should have been checked out 30+ days ago based on their Departure Date.  This enhancement also adds a new Report (Guest CkOut List) to get a Print Out of those Guests for individual review, or if the Screen option is used, you will be able to Check Out all Guests on the List that do NOT have a Deposit, Outstanding Balance, or are a Member of a Group Reservation.  These Guests MUST be checked out individually. - Thanks Terry


1)  Changed the Electric Meter Reading output to have 40 Sites per page and all pages be the same text size (page 1 was larger)

Version 3.5.31a (12-19-2016)


1) Fixed an error when Winter Rates were set to Null. Winter Rates are now saves as "0".

Version 3.5.31 (12-13-2016)


1)  Changed the Other Charge Guest panel quantities to accommodate decimal values like 6.42 gallons of propane, or for whatever you need to charge.  When you need to have odd values, you can set the Other Charge amount to "1.00" and then use a decimal quantity to achieve a desired value.  Example: If you want to charge $14.97, use a Other Charge with the amount of "1.00" and a quantity or "14.97".

2)  Changed the Point Of Sale quantity to work with decimals also.


1)  Fixed Interim Billing issues from version 3.5.29

Version 3.5.29 (12-12-2016)


1)  Added the ability to retain the Departure Date in the Check Out process.  The feature to change the Departure Date during the Check Out process was added in 3.5.27 so that the Guest History and Occupancy Reports would better reflect the actual occupancy.  One can now save it with the dates entered.

2)  Added QuickBooks Accounts & Types to Deposit and Refund Deposit OtherBilling transactions by using the Site's QuickBooks settings. This change will also now record the QuickBook settings for other OtherCharges. - Thanks, Brian

3)  Added the ability to change QuickBook settings on OtherCharges in the Edit Billing Database area.  You can now change or correct Billing transactions that have OtherCharges with incorrect Quickbook settings.

4)  Changed the Other Charges report to show the QuickBook settings and can now be filtered by the Quickbook filters.

5)  Added a "Quick Link" to the Reservation Grid to set an Unavailable Site back to Available.  Just answer Yes that you want to make the Site Available and you will be taken to the Site Definition panel for that Site to set the proper Types of Camping for that Site.

6)  Added a new Out Of Service Guest to the Grid, similar to the "Hold" Guest, the "OOS" Guest will display on the Reservation Grid with a White background and when selected, will allow you to return to the "OOS" Guest for changes or Remove the Out Of Service reservation & Guest.

7)  Added a new report for Projected Weekly/Monthly Rental Income.  The report "Guestimates" what rental income my be provided over the next Week and/or Month based on the Guest's Type of Stay (i.e. Weekly or Monthly)

8)  Improved the "Tabbing" between fields within many of the panels to be more logical or consistent.

9)  Added a button to change ALL Winter (Daily, Weekly, Monthly) rates to "0" for businesses that do NOT use Seasonal Rates.  If the Winter rates are set to zero, Summer Rates are always used.


1)  Fixed an issue in creating an Interim Bill ... there was a warning that the Paid thru date was greater than the paid thru date.

2)  Fixed another issue in the Outstanding Reports for 3, 6, & 12 month billing.

Version 3.5.27 (09-19-2016)


1)  Added a Thru Date field to the Departure Reservation Grid panel, so that one can view more than just Today's Departures. - Thanks, Colette

2)  Added a Windows dialog for Saving Reports. - Thanks, Brian

3)  Added a button to the SetUp panel to Purge Credit Card information form Guests no longer in the Park.  The Guest Check Out button, now removes the Credit Card data from the Guest also. This is to protect the Guest's card data.

4)  Added the "Non-Prorated", "Prorated", etc to the Email Bill.

5)  Added a Validate Reservation button to the Guest panel to check for reservations that may have already been made for a new Guest making a Reservation.

6)  Added a new option to the Other Reservations for this Guest on the Guest Panel to convert a Duplicate Guest to a Primary Guest.


1)  Changed the Paid Thru Date on the Guest panel to allow it to be equal to the Last Paid Date.  This makes it possible to process a "Split Payment" ... some Cash and a Check ... (this is how it worked in 3.5.23) - Thanks, Rhonda

2)  Fixed a problem in the Paper Bill when the Summer to Winter dates are crossed in a Billing cycle and your rates for both Summer and Winter are the same.  The paper Bill would only calculate the Summer portion of the Month & the method of Prorating was not correct. - Thanks, Anita

3)  Fixed several panel issues for setting the initial passwords and extending the evaluation.

Version 3.5.25 (07-09-2016)


1)  Added an Unoccupied Site Report.  The report taps the Guest and GuestHistory tables.  It relies on the Arrival and Departure Dates being accurately recorded.  To assist in this, we have added a check when Checking Out a Guest to be sure the Paid Thru date matches the Departure Date.

2)  Added the number of days a Site is Unoccupied to the Occupancy Report. There is also the Arrival & Departure Date provided for the next Guest for that Site. - Thanks, Trent

3)  Changed the Do Not Tax Rent checkbox on the Guest Panel to Choose Rent Taxes.  In this manner, one can choose to use one or more Taxes for the Guest. This is needed where after some time in the Park the Guest is considered a permanent resident and may only be required to pay a Lodging Tax and not State and County.  The Type of Stay must be properly set up (boxes checked in the Campground Information panel also, for this feature to work. - Thanks, Colette

4)  Added a new Guest Rate option "Bill Extra Days" for Weekly and Monthly Guests that need to extend their stay by a few days and the Park doesn't want to prorate their Bill.  They want to charge the Weekly rate plus the Daily rate for the extra days.  This does that for them. - Thanks, Cody


1)  Removed a check for a valid date in the Right-Click Save a Guest option in the Guest panel. This check was stoping a Guest being Saved if they didn't have dates.

2)  Added a routine to handle single quotes in Other Charges names in the Other Charges Sales Reports.

3)  Fixed a "Reprint Receipt" issue when the Guest stay is set to Yearly.

4)  Changed the Other Reservations for this Guest feature to NOT ALLOW creating reservations (Duplicate Guests) if the Primary Guest isn't checked in. If the Primary Guest is Checked Out, you should use them to input the next reservation for them. - Thanks, Bob

5)  Fixed a rounding error in the calculation of Taxes for a Guest Rent.  There were some tax rates that were not rounding up to the next cent properly. - Thanks, Coleen

Version 3.5.23 (04-15-2016)


1)  One can now enter any Name for the Guest on the Point of Sale panel and the Name will be added to the Billing record.

2)  Added the break down for Cash, Checks, Credit Cards, Deposits, Other, and Unknown Totals to the Tax/Revenue Report. - Thanks, Cody

3) Added the setting to have SSL and TLS encryption set for Email SMTP setup.

4) The Send Your DB to E-Bus SetUp Option now includes any Export Report Format (.erf) files you developed in the Export Excel Data panel. This is helpful because the Zip file also saved in your RVPark directory has those files added.

5)  Added a Setting in the Campground Information panel to better support printing a Billing Statement that will show in a #10 Window Envelope.  One will have to fold the Bill a little differently, but it should show thru the Window.

6)  Added a Search Field to the Edit Billing Database panel to quickly list the Guest(s) you are looking for.


1)  Fixed an issue in the Export Data panel with .ERF file Names of less than 2 characters and properly remembering the file Name.

2)  Fixed a problem in saving negative values in the Edit Billing DB panel.

3)  Fixed a problem with future reservations for Sites with greater than a 3 character Site Alias.

4)  Fixed a problem with allowing a double booking if you didn't Save and left the Guest panel. If you then used the "The Guest Information May be Different" Save option, the reservation was not being validated.  - Thanks, Mike

5)  If a POS item quantity has more than 2 characters, you can't print a receipt. Changed to 5 characters. - Thanks Cody

6)  Fixed a MAJOR issue with creating a future Guest Reservation ... it was only getting the first 3 characters of the Guest Number which made it associating the reservation with a very early Guest number.  Example: a new reservation for Guest number 1443 was being saved as Guest Number 144 ... loosing the last 3. Thanks, Stephanie

Version 3.5.21 (02-12-2016)


1)  Fixed a problem in the Edit Billing panel with certain transactions not being accessible.

2)  Tax/Revenue reports were not providing the appropriate Site Number for those transactions that were not related to a Site.  They now show "NotAval" as the Site.

Version 3.5.20 (02-11-2016)


1)  Added the ability to "Stretch" the Guest, Campground Information, and Group Reservation Panels to Full Screen or anywhere in between.

2)  Added a Deposit Report to the Reports panel.  The Deposit Report, pulls any transaction from the OtherBilling Table that has the word "Deposit" in it to determine what Deposits have been charged and refunded between any 2 dates.


1)  Fixed an issue with Multiple Billing "Guest Changed, do you want to Save" message.

2)  Added a check for Guests with a Blank Name being Saved.  This caused a problem when retrieving them.

3)  Added a check to initial startup to fix any existing Blank Name Guests to change the Blank Name to "GuestX", where the X is the Guest's ID.

4)  Fixed 2 issues in the Edit Billing Database tool.  First the Rent and Electric dollars could not be set to zero (0).  Second, the Electric Company was not being passed properly to the Recalculate Electric button, so the Electric Charges were not being calculated. - Thanks, Cody

Version 3.5.18 (01-15-2016)


1)  Added a new feature to the Reservation Grid to Highlight a Date at the top for whatever reason you may have.  You set the date (like the first of every month) and select a color that you like.  The Grid panel will be highlighted for that day for each month.  The feature was requested to be a reminder of the Guest Billing Cycle.


1)  Fixed a Rate issue with Seasonal Prorating.  Thanks - Shree

2)  Corrected a Site Numbering problem when Deleted Sites were made.

3)  Fixed a problem with Importing Guests using the DataImporter software tool.

Version 3.5.16 (12-06-2015)


1)  Changed the Site Number to the Site Alias on the reports so the reports can match your Park.


1)  Fixed an issue with the Reports not running properly.

2)  Fixed 2 issues with sending Emails.  One with the Conformation Email and another with sending a Bill out. Thanks, Anita

3)  Fixed a problem with the Site Number & Site ID not always being consistent in a Guest Reservation. The Site Number should always be used.

4)  Corrected a problem in Group Reservations.

Version 3.5.14 (11-15-2015)


1)  Added the Other Charges to the CSV output of the Tax/Revenue report so that you can see which other charges belong to each transaction. This is very similar to the Excel output for the same report.

2)  Improved the Replace Current Database tool to better filter the available databases in a descending order.

3)  Added a Warning to the Guest Panel, such that if Changes are made to the Guest, you are Warned that you may want to Save before exiting the panel. Thanks, Trent and Mike


1)  Fixed an issue with Other Payment Information field being too long and causing problems in the Tax Reports.  The Other Information field is now limited to 12 characters.

2)  Fixed an issue when creating Sites after deleting a Site. You may need help with database issues if you can't get to a defined Site, just contact us.

3)  Added code to fix the Email tools when the Park Name is NOT present. Previously, if the Park Name was left blank (not sure why ... ) any of the Email capability would not work.

4)  Fixed a problem with updating the database to support the Group Reservation capability.  The error was created when you tried to save the event information.

Version 3.5.12 (10-16-2015)

This is an emergency fix for Version 3.5.10 & 11 that caused a database corruption.

Version 3.5.10 (10-15-2015)


1)  Added the ability to send more than one Email with the Database attached to be used by the RV Park Lite Version.  This is setup in the Campground Information panel, in the Mailing Address area. Thanks, Dena

2)  Added the ability to Delete a Site anywhere in the series of Sites defined. This is not overly advised, but can be done.  There can be no Guests assigned to the Site and no Billings made against the Site.  This is something done during the initial setup.

3)  Added a Search capability for the Alias field in the Sites Definition panel.  The Alias must be entered exactly as defined.  One can also now Sort Available Sites by the Site Number or Alias information from the Guest Panel.

4)  Added the option to change a Guest's Previous Balance amount by clicking the "Prev Balance" text in the Guest panel and then using the Database Password.


1)  Fixed a problem in using multiple quantities of "Other Charges" in the Guest Panel when Billing a Guest.  If you used anything other than "1" in the quantity field of the 5 Other Charges, your Saved Other Charge amount data will only be for ONE of the items.  This is fixed, but any previous Guest Billing with multiple quantities will only be for ONE, not the actual quantity entered.  The Total amount will be correct, just not the individual Other Charge total.  Thanks, Dena

Version 3.5.08 (09-15-2015)


1)  Added a check for the Guest Check Out option to look for the Last Paid date to be current for the Date being Checked out.

2)  Added a Refresh to the Arrival/Departure Reservation Grid panel to assist in Checking Out Guests that are Departing on the Current Date.  When using the Arrival/Departure Reservation Grid panel, you can select a Departing Guest in the List and go to the Guest Panel to Check them out.  When you close the Guest Panel, you will return to the Arrival/Departure Reservation Grid panel to select the next Guest to Check Out. - Thanks, Tess

3)  Added a Comment to the Billing Receipt to reflect how much Extra People affect the Site Rate when being charged.  Thanks, Brian

4)  Added a Member Number to the Guest Panel which is a Searchable field for those needing a Member Number. Thanks, Andrew

5)  Added the ability to change the Site nomenclature to whatever makes sense to you (up to 7 characters).  So, if you want it to be Room, Site, Slip, Berth, or whatever, it is now possible.  Thanks, Andrew

6)  Added a Reservation Date & Time stamp to the Guest Reservation and the Guest History tables to know when a reservation was made.  Thanks, Brandon

Bugs Fixed:

1)  Fixed an issue with the Other Charges in the Guest panel when the quantity was set to 0, it was continuing to reflect on the Billing.  It was intended to be removed if not required by double-clicking the Other Charge Description.

Version 3.5.06 (08-15-2015)


1)  Added Payment Types to the Point Of Sale tool to aid in reporting. - Thanks, Dwayne

2)  Added a Printer Selection panel to the Guest Print option.


1)  Fixed the tab feature of the Guest panel. Thanks, Dwayne

2)  Fixed a problem in the Billing Receipt printout to properly reflect the Payment Type. Thanks, Dwayne

3)  Fixed a bug in the Viewing the Calendar on the Campground Information panel.

Version 3.5.04 (07-15-2015) 


1)  Added a Setting to turn off the Group reservation option on the Main Panel.

2)  Increased the Quantity fields in the Point of Sale panel to 3 and provided a Checkbox to turn off the BarCode Mode for manually changing quantities. Thanks, Dwayne

3)  Changed the "Create Bill" option in the Guest panel to set transactions to Cash, if not specified.  This can be changed before marking the transaction as Paid.  Thanks, Dwayne

4)  Added a Print Form option to the Guest Panel for those that want to print a paper copy of the Guest Information. Thanks, Tess

5)  Changed how the Other Charges in the Guest panel operate. Use caution when changing the Amount Field, it will change back to it's original value after Saved.

6)  Added a field to the Other Payment type for documenting what the Other Type was.  This could be used for a Cash & Check transaction. NOTE: You only get 25 characters.  Example: C:$125.35 Ck:1234 $345.25 (done with 25 characters ... you abbreviate however works best for you). Thanks, Ruth

7)  Added a feature to Email a copy of your Database to the Mailing Email in the Campground Information Panel.  This would support using the Lite version of RV Park for reports or monitoring by a corporation or off site owner.


1)  Fixed the Calendar being partially hidden on the Group Reservation Event panel. - Thanks, Dwayne

2)  Fixed a problem in recording a payment when the Check# is over 8 characters.  This could be 2 check numbers being recorded. Example: 1234/1235 Thanks, Ruth

3)  Fixed the Path entries in the Park Info panel to trim any extra spaces.  The extra spaces were causing errors. Thanks, Bob

Version 3.5.02 (05-15-2015)


1)  Fixed a bug in Other Items where a User could enter an Item with a blank preceding the Item Name.

Version 3.5.01 (04-01-2015)


1)  Added a Second Vehicle registration for the Vehicle and it's Plate. - Thanks, Steve


1)  Fixed an issue when data is imported and the Type is set to zero.

Version 3.5.00 (03-09-2015)


1)  This is a Major Release, adding Group Reservations.  You can now create multiple Reservations for a Group or Rally of Guests.  The Group Reservation has 3 parts: the Group Name and Contact; the Event(s) or name for the trip or Rally with the Arrival & Departure dates, types of Sites needed, and deposits; and the Attendees with their selected Sites and Names.  This new feature allow you to get the Guests entered, create Billing, set them as Paid, and Check them out when the Event is over.

Version 3.4.16 (03-16-2015)


1)  Fixed the Billing flag for No Amount Paid shown on the Bill.

2)  Fixed an internal issue for illegal use of RV Park software.

Version 3.4.15 (02-23-2015)


1)  Fixed the Billing flag for No Amount Paid shown on the Bill.

2)  Fixed an internal issue for illegal use of RV Park software.


1)  Added the ability to attempt to Compact and Backup the database when the User is remotely connected to the Database via a Network Connection.

Version 3.4.14 (01-10-2015)


1)  Added a Guest Flag to let the Park Flag a Guest on the Grid and Map in a Light Orange color for whatever purpose you want.  One Customer wanted to Flag Guest Reservations that requested a Site so they wouldn't move them prior to arrival.  This over-rides the Red Future reservation color for that site on the Map. - Thanks, Mike

2)  Improved the Guest Save routines to only update the Grid and Maps when really necessary.

3)  Added a new Tool to the Setup panel to toggle Guest Names between First Last to Last, First and back. - Thanks, Mike

4)  Deleting a Guest - added the ability to Cancel this action if accidentally pressed. - Thanks, Mike


1)  Corrected an issue with the Guest panel where an arrival date could be before a Departure date or the Arrival and Departure Dates were the same.  A test has been put in place to help prevent this.

2)  Fixed the Progress Bar in the Upload & Download to E-Business options in the Setup Panel.

3)  Fixed an Abend when using the Minimize button of the Guest History panel. Removed the button and added error handling.

4)  Corrected a small issue in the Export Excel Data tool to allow one to make a change to an existing rtf file and Save it under a new name.

5)  Corrected several issues with the Tax/Revenue Report to add the Account/Types to Site 99999 lines in the Screen output and Tax4 and totals to the Excel output.

6)  Fixed a problem with sending your DB to E-Business and supporting 4 Maps.

Version 3.4.12 (10-30-2014)


1)  Added a new feature to the Grid for Hold Reservations.  You can now either Change the Departure Date of the previous Guest to the Hold Reservation or entered Date (if between the Arrival & Departure Dates of the Hold Reservation); or Cancel the Hold Reservation; or simply go to the Hold Reservation Guest page.

2)  Changed the Proper Case routine to leave Capitalized characters alone in the middle of a "word".  As an example: This will allow "RV" in a field to NOT be changed to "Rv".

3)  Added a Check in the Campground Information area to turn off the Red Italic feature on the Reservation Grid that lets you know a Guest is behind in their rent. This will help if you are Not using the Rent Billing capability of the software. - Thanks, Effie

4)  Added a "Up Charge" percentage for Credit Card payments.  If you want, you can now charge the Guest a "Credit Card UpChg" on their Bill as a Percentage of the Total Amount.  This percentage is entered in the Form of Payment panel accessed from the Guest Panel.  It applies to ALL Guests when the Credit Card option is selected for a Guest.  The option is designed to help offset the costs of Credit Card processing, if you want.


1)  Added code to assure at least one Site Type is available in the Campground Information panel.  The Default is RV.  There are real problems if a Park doesn't have at least one Site Type, and prior to this release, one could delete all Site Types.

2)  Fixed an issue where under certain circumstances the Departure Date was being changed to 12:00 AM and was difficult to fix.  This caused the Grid to not show that reservation.  It is read as 01/01/1899 ...

3)  Changed the "Other Charges" portion of the Tax/Revenue Report to properly reflect Other Charges.

Version 3.4.10 (9-30-2014)


1)  Added a Reservation Grid Output to Excel capability. - Thanks, Kerry

2)  Added Day of the Week to the Reservation Grid - Thanks, Trent

3)  Added a checkbox to the Reservation Grid panel to turn off the Pop-Up help for the Grid - Thanks, Trent

4) Enhanced the Multiple Billing feature to update Grid when the BillDate field is changed.


1)  Fixed the Percent Report to properly read the dates being used.

2)  Fixed Database password to reflect the 10 Character Max limit and the OverRide password to a 12 Character Max limit. - Thanks, Alicia

3)  Fixed the Account and Type fields in the Sites table to allow Null entries.  This was causing issues when a Customer had a new version of MS Access in their environment and tried to Save Site changes. - Thanks, Tera

Version 3.4.08 (8-30-2014)


1)  Fixed a bug for when Phone Numbers were listed in the Guest List Reports.  If a Number was blank the previous number was shown. - Thanks, James

2)  Fixed a problem when a QBooks field was entered on an Other Charge and then later tried to be removed.  It would not remove.  This has been fixed.

3)  Added a check to the Guest Panel to be sure a "Paid Thru Date" is present when the "1) Create Bill" button is pressed. - Thanks, James

Version 3.4.06 (7-17-2014)


1)  Added QuickBooks Accounts and Types to Sites to facilitate Filtering Tax Revenue Reports for those that need separate reports for different Accounts or Types in the Billing Transactions. - Thanks, Brian

2)  Added an Email column to the Arrival/Departure Grid. - Thanks, Nikki

3)  Enhanced the Export Excel Data panel to add QuickBooks Account and Type fields to the Billing Table, using the Filtering options in the Left side of the panel.

4)  Added the ability to define and then select How a Guest Heard About your Park, to track where your advertising is paying off.  This will hold a count of how many times a Guest reports each way they heard about the Park, for a report. Thanks, Brian

5)  Added a validation to the Create Bill option on the Guest panel to see if a Deposit was provided by the Guest and the Paid Thru Date is equal to or greater than the Departure Date.  This is to help those that can't remember to refund the Deposit on the last bill. - Thanks, Brian

6)  Added a Report to provide a List of All, Current, or Past Guests for Copying & Pasting into a prepared Email. - Thanks, Edna


1)  Fixed a problem on the Billing Statement with using 2 columns and the second one's text looking fuzzy. - Thanks, Jeff

2)  Fixed an issue with the number of characters being limited in the Announcement fields (1 or 2 columns) in the Campground Information panel. - Thanks, Jeff

3)  Changed the tool to only have one panel visible at a time. Having more than one panel active, may have been causing issues with the Help panels.

4)  Corrected an issue when saving a Guest that has a reservation that conflicts with another reservation. - Thanks, Brian

5)  Fixed several issues in the QuickBooks field additions.  The retrieval and Revenue reports didn't have everything they should have. - Thanks, Brian

Version 3.4.04 (6-15-2014)


1)  Added the ability to determine a Guest has Rent Due from the Reservation Grid panel when their Name is in Red Italics and if the Guest should be Checked Out when their Departure Date is less than Today's date shown with a light blue cell background.  The Guests to be checked out will also reflect Rent Due if appropriate.  Thanks - Brian

2)  Added the Guest's phone number and email to the Billing Statement.

3)  Increased the refresh rate of the Reservation Grid by hiding the Grid while the Grid loads.

4)  Added a Field on the Reports Panel to change the Font Size for Printing to get all of your report on the paper.  Thanks - Trudi


1)  Fixed a bug in the Other Charges Sales Report.  The report was not using the From and To dates, the report simply showed ALL Other Charges.  Now it will use the dates.

2)  Fixed an issue with Site Definitions where you were using more than 5 Site Types.  The site could be made Unavailable and still have any of the last 5 Site Types checked, allowing one to rent an Unavailable Site.  Thanks - Brian

Version 3.4.02 (5-15-2014)


1)  Added a test for Computers running a Region and Language of something other than English (United States).  RV Park will provide a warning and then terminate.  In the same area, a test for the Region and Language short format that starts with "days" (example:  dd-MM-yy).  RVPark will temporarily change the Short Date to a M/dd/yyyy format to operate properly and when exited, change the format back to what you had set.

2)  Changed some of the Chilkat Libraries (Libraries used to provide Email; FTP; and Zip functionality) from multiple files to a single library file with all of the calls in one file.  This should make the download files for RV Park smaller.

3)  Added the Printer Control library to better control the Printer Output. The User can now control most aspects of the output including changing the Printer selection. - Thanks Brian

4)  Added the ability to OverRide the Site Rate on the Guest Panel.  There are times when a Site Rate calculation is not covered by the RV Park Site Rate algorithms.  In this case, and with the OverRide Password, you can OverRide the Site Rate and enter whatever value you want. Thanks - Klaas

5)  Added an OverRide Password to support the Site Rate OverRide option, you can keep your current Database Access password secret and allow others to OverRide the Site Rate if that makes sense for your business. There is also the ability to Change this password in the Change Database Access password area.

6)  Added a new field to the Billing database Table called TypeStay (found in the Guest panel Vehicle Information area) to help in creating custom Reports that pull only certain types of "Stays".  Example: If you have Mobile Homes, Park Models, and RVs as types of stays, you can retrieve just the Park Models or Sort such that these are grouped together in a report.


1) Fixed a problem in the Outstanding Balance Report. An error would occur when an Arrival date was the 31st and the next month had only 30 days ... likewise, if the next month was February, it really had a problem!

2) Corrected an issue with the Seasonal Dates setting a Winter Start date year to a previous year, creating an issue.

Version 3.4.00 (4-15-2014)


1)  Added a Toggle using Double-Click to the Guest Panel Name field to toggle between Last, First and First Last name.  You must press Save to retain the change.  Thanks, Terry & Pat

2)  Added a Left-Click option to the Guest Panel Save button to just Save the Guest Information and not validate that Guest for a proper Reservation.  This is just to update Guest information when they are NOT making a reservation. Thanks, Terry & Pat

3)  Added the Transaction Date to the Point of Sale receipts.

4)  Added an automated Software Update capability that Exits RV Park and Downloads and runs the RVParkUpdater program and then Re-Starts RV Park Software.  Just press the Yes on the Update Available pop-up or Check For New Version option in the Help menu of the Main Panel.  If a new version is available you will see a "Press This Button to Update Now" button.

5)  Added a tool to Upload and Download all of your Key Files for RV Park in a Zip file to and from E-Business's Server.  This can be as a remote backup or when we need to fix something for you.

6)  Added a new Report "Other Charges Sales Report w/Calculated Taxes" to get just the Other Charges Sales. The Taxes are shown as "Calculated" because the actual transaction may have Taxes from other aspects of the Bill (like Rent), so the Taxes are calculated from the Tax settings for those items.

7)  Added another report, Rental Percentages, that simply provides an overall percentage of all sites, occupied or not, and what percentage of Daily/Weekly/Monthly/etc. Rentals relative to the total Sites for today.

8)  Added Check Number tracking to Guest Panel "Form of Payment" button. The Check Number (if provided) will also be added to the final Billing entry. There is even a new field in the Edit Billing Database panel to correct and/or reprint the Bill. - Thanks, Terry & Pat


1)  Fixed a potential issue on Emailed Bills in the Announcement area when information was in the second column area.  There could have been a lot of numbers left during testing.  This has been corrected. Thanks, Al

2)  Corrected a Seasonal Rate issue for Billing Periods that go across the seasons. Thanks, Brian

3)  Fixed the problem in the Electrical Calculations when the KWH used were equal to the upper limit of either Rate 2 or Rate 3 ... again. Few Customers will experience this issue. Thanks, Effie.

Version 3.3.02 (2-15-2014)


1)  Added a checkbox to the Email Setup panel to provide your Email with a Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) whenever you use RV Park to send an Email Bill or Confirmation.  This is for those that need/want to keep a record of what is being sent.

2)  Reduced the minimum size of the Reservation Grid screen to accommodate a User with a smaller monitor.


1)  Fixed a bug related to double Booking in the Guest Panel.  If Arrival & Departure dates were entered and a Site selected, when the Save button was pressed the routine failed to process All reservations for that site.  This has been corrected.

2)  Fixed a problem in the Electrical Calculations when the KWH used were equal to the upper limit of either Rate 2 or Rate 3. Few Customers will experience this issue.

Version 3.3.01 (1-17-2014)


1)  Added a Check for running RV Park using a Remote connection to the database so the database would not be Compressed or Backed Up automatically.  This is because the process took too long over the Remote Connection and the User would be worried something was wrong when the application appeared to freeze up.

2)  Changed the Map Site occupancy pop-up to stay up much longer when you mouse over the site box.

3)  Added the ability to change the Default Printer from the Main Panel upper menu.

4)  Added the Announcements to the Email Billing tool and when editing Notes, pressing Save actually saves the Guest or Park Information data. - Thanks Al

5)  Added a Print Capability from the Edit Billing Database tool.  This is close to a receipt but is can have errors because it does not have all of the information available to the actual receipt in the Guest Panel "Create Bill" option.


1) Fixed a Bug on the Maps when the Site has a future reservation (Red Box) and more than one Reservation existed, the Map would pull the wrong Guest.

2) Fixed several forms that had the calendar displayed when launched that shouldn't have.  Removed the Max and Min buttons on several forms that didn't need them.  Also, made a few forms a little longer on the bottom to display better.

3) Fixed the Map algorithm to properly display guests in their sites - Thanks Sherry.

4) Fixed the Assign New Site option, it was not reassigning if another Guest was arriving the day the reassigned Guest was leaving - Thanks Sherry.

5) Found a possible issue when closing the Other Reservations panel.

6) Fixed the Invoice Announcement height to properly extend on the printouts when one column is set. - Thanks, Brian

7)  Fixed an issue on Outstanding Reports to reflect Summer and Winter rates. - Thanks Brian.

8)  Fixed a Major issue with the Seasonal Rates calculations. - Thanks, Sherry, Dave, & Brian

9)  With multiple Maps, there was an error that would terminate the program. This was fixed. -  Thanks Cleo & Dwayne

Version 3.3.00 (10-5-2013)


1)  Added Multiple Reservations for the same Guest.  This new feature will manage multiple Reservations, such that, when the current Guest (called the Primary Guest) is Checked Out, the next Reservation (called a Duplicate Guest) for that Guest is automatically entered into the Primary Guest and that next Duplicate Guest is Deleted.  We have also added a way to convert existing "Multiple Guests" to Duplicate Guests of a selected Primary Guest.

2)  Added the ability to Review/Edit Reservation Confirmation Emails.

3)  Added pop-up Calendar to the Database Editing panel to support the date fields.

4)  Added a Delete button to the Rate Adjustment panel to Delete Adjustments that are NOT applied to Guests.


1)  Fixed the IRS Tax Report to remove the extra Dollar Sign ($) from Negative Totals in the report.

2)  Added a fix to the pop-up Calendar to avert a possible error.

Version 3.2.10 (9-5-2013)


1)  Added new Calendar interface with a Single Click to select a Date,

2)  Added settings for Calendar Font, Text Size, and Color.  This is a result of some Users not having the fonts normally used by the program.

3) Added a Guest "Do NOT Tax Rent" check box.  There were situations where some Monthly Paying Guests should not be charged Tax (those staying for, say six months) versus those just staying a month or two.  Some States do not require taxing Rent in those cases.  With this check box, you can turn off Rent Tax for this Guest. - Thanks, Elaine

4)  Added a few enhancements to the Guest panel to more dynamically calculate the Amount Due when changes are made.


1) Changed the Departure Date on the Occupancy and Guest List (sort by Site) Report from the Date Paid Thru to the actual Departure Date.

2) Fixed a problem with Maps losing the To Date after closing the Map.

3) On initial loading, if you are not using Maps, the Maps button on the main panel popped up for just a second.  Now you shouldn't see it unless you are using Maps.

4)  Fixed an issue with Resetting the Last Paid Date.

5)  Fixed a problem with setting the Interim Bill check box.  This could cause a bad date to be entered into the Last Paid date field.

Version 3.2.9 (8-5-2013)


1) Added a new Library to check for other Users in the Database when Updates and Backups are made.

2) Added a 4th Map to the Maps capability. You can now create up to 4 maps for your RV Park or Property Management situation. This was an old request.

3) Enhanced the Maps Update routines to better reflect the Map changes as you change Tabs or parameters.

4)  Added a possible fix for a corrupted Park.MDB database when first launching RV Park Software.  There are times when your computer may reboot or restart when RV Park is running and damage the database.  With this enhancement you can attempt to repair Park.MDB upon RV Park startup.  If the repair is unsuccessful, you will also be provided the option for replacing your Database.

5)  Added a sorting option to the Guest List report to sort by Site Number.  This is to let you list your Current Guests to look for Guests not Checked-Out.

Bug Fixes:

1) Changed the Departure Date in the Arrival/Departure Reservation Grid panel from the actual Paid Thru Date (which is stored in the Guest Table as Departure) to the real Departure Date by adding a day to the Departure Date in the database. It just looks better, right Dan.

2) Fixed the Edit Billing Database panel to work properly with a Null (or blank) Receipt number, a new feature added in Version 3.2.8. Thanks, Jim.

3) Fixed the "Thanks" note on the bottom of the Billing Statement to be visible.

Version 3.2.8 (7-10-2013)


1)  Created a new Weekly or Monthly Rounded Up Rate for Prorating a Guest.  The check box will calculate your Weekly or Monthly Rate divided by 7 or 30 respectively, and then round it always up to the next dollar and then take that Rate times the number of days being prorated for the Guest's stay.  Example: A Monthly Rate of $430 / 30 = $14.33, which would be rounded up to $15 and then multiplied by however many days are in the Month being Prorated.  This feature also takes into account any Seasonal Rates.

2)  Added Receipt Numbers to the Bill output and Tax Reports.  The Receipt Number can be set in the Park Information setup panel using the Database Password.

3)  Added Postal Codes for Australia, with a database to support them.  This enhancement required the State field be extended to 3 characters.

Bug Fixes:

1)  Fixed the Arrival/Departure Reservation Grid panel for Departures only, so that the Departure Date is truly the date the Guest is Departing ... not paid through.  Thanks - Dan

Version 3.2.7 (6-4-2013)

Bug Fixes:

1)  Emergency turnover to fix an issue caused by the new Tax enhancement.

Version 3.2.6 (6-3-2013)


1)  Added the ability to use the 3 taxes at your discretion.  On Rents or Other Charges you can set any combination of the 3 Taxes for each Rent type and each Other Charge. If you need to use Taxes, this new feature provides you with a lot of flexibility with Taxing.

2)  Changed the Billing output to alter the "Rate KWH" to "Total KWH" when multiple Rates are used.  Previously when multiple rates were used the word "Various" was found to be of no real value.

3)  Added a note to the Bill if a Payment Type is specified denoting the Type of Payment used.

4)  Added a new feature to add Days to the Paid Thru Date on the Guest Panel. Clicking on the Paid Thru Label, you can add the number of days from the Campground Information settings. This makes it simple to add a specific number of days to the previous Billing Date ... like 28.

Bug Fixes:

1)  Added a fix to correct NULL Meter reading values.

2)  Fixed a bug in the Arrival/Departure Reservation Grid panel Error 424 Object required.

3)  Fixed an issue when entering a Date before Today in the Guest Panel.  It took several attempts using the Calendar.

4)  Fixed a problem in the Guest registration process; if a Site Number was entered (as opposed to using the AvailSite Button to locate a Site), the Site "could" become double booked.  The Algorithm checking the Sites Booked is fixed. Thanks - Dave

5)  Added a Zoom Reset to the Print Map tool to correct any receipt printing.

6)  Changed the Hold Guest capability to accept any case.  Before you had to enter "Hold" for the Guest Name.  That is, capital "H" and lower case "old".  Now, you can enter "hold" in any case you want, as long as it is HOLD.

7)  Made changes to the Billing Calculation routines to correct some issues.

8)  Changed the Font in all pop-up Calendars to MS Sans Serif to assist Users without the Arial font loaded.

Version 3.2.5 (5-3-2013)

Bug Fixes:

1)  Fixed an issue with the New Electric Company addition.  The database wasn't getting properly updated.  This caused a problem with Electric billing requiring an emergency turnover.  I apologize for any inconveniences. Thanks - Effie

Version 3.2.4 (5-1-2013)


1) Added the capability to reassign Billing Records to another Guest Name, if you want when Deleting a Guest. This feature provides the ability to assign Billing Records that would no longer have a Guest to point to when you want/need to Delete that Guest. If you do NOT reassign the Billing Records, they will have the former Guest's Name in them. This is helpful if you have created multiple Guests with the same Name (basically the same Guest) and want to Delete the "extra" ones and keep their Billing Records linked.

2)  Added a Report to List Vacant and/or Occupied Sites for "Today".  This is handy for checking the park in the morning for Guests that may have come in during the night.

3)  Added a Second Electric Company for parks that require a second Electric Company billing capability, or Sites that should be charged more or less than others.

Bug Fixes:

1)  Fixed a Sorting issue on the Guest Report drop down to sort by Guest Name and not Guest Number. - Thanks Barbara

2)  Fixed an issue where the registration of a previous Guest that used a Type of Stay which was no longer available selected a hidden option.

Version 3.2.3 (4-12-2013)


1)  Added the ability to sort the Edit Database by either Invoice Date or Guest Name and then sort either ascending or descending.

2)  New feature added to retain the Grid Date entered. This passes between the Map and Reservation Grid as the From Date.

3)  Added a Rate Adjustment feature to apply a Discount or Up-Charge to Daily, Weekly or Monthly standard rates.  You can create as many Rate Adjustment items as are needed and then assign them to a Guest. - Thanks Pat

4)  Added a Site Type Default selection.  You have up to 10 Site Types you can define. This new feature lets you determine which Type will be used as a Default.

Bug Fixes:

1) Fixed a bug in the Reports for Outstanding Balance Reports.  All Rent Types were only being reported if the Last Paid date was late by the number of days in the Billing Cycle (Example: If Billing Weekly, the Last Paid Date was only considered late when 7 days from the Last Paid Date had passed.)  That is not how Most Parks Bill, they bill in advance, and the Paid thru Date should be the date the next payment is due.  Therefore, the report has been changed to show Rent one day and greater for All Rent types.

2) Fixed several bugs in the Edit Billing tool causing problems in the Other Charges area.

3) In the Export Data panel several issues have been resolved: Minimizing the Panel; trying to save an Export file with invalid characters; Deleting an Export File error.  - Thanks Pat

4) In the Guest Panel entering an Arrival and Departure Date now returns only those sites that are available.  Thanks, Kerry

Version 3.2.2 (3-12-2013)


1)  Added Arrival/Departure dates to the Find Guest Pop-Up as well as sorting the Guests alphanumerically and by Arrival date.  This may help with the Multiple Reservations for a Guest process.

2)  Opened the Guest Discount to 100% for those that don't want to charge their Guests anything.

3)  Added a line to the printed Bill or Invoice to reflect the Discount provided when a Discount is applied.  Conveys the percentage and dollars saved.

4)  Added a field to the Park Information panel to control the height of the Announcements area at the bottom of the printed Bill.  Also changed the Font size from 10 to 9 to display more information.

5)  The Announcement area on the bottom of the printed Bill can now be 1 or 2 Columns. This is also set in the Park Information panel.  Also Added a Text Height setting for the text in the Announcement areas.

6)  Added a pop-up for the Announcements and Cancellation Policy fields to improve the entry of text.  The Pop-up is also expandable.

Bug Fixes:

1)  Fixed a bug for importing Guests with Data Importer. The Type Of Stay for a Guest was being set to 0 causing an error pop-up. This has been corrected in both RV Park and Data Importer.

2)  Added an error check for Map Images that  weren't properly loading causing the Program to abend.

Version 3.2.1 (2-12-2013)

Bug Fix:

1)  Fixed the Map algorithm that overlooked an important condition.

2)  Added a condition for never paid to the Outstanding Report to catch Guests that are Outstanding and have not yet paid anything.  These types were not being considered.

Version 3.2.0 (2-11-2013)


1)  Added a Departure List to the Reservation List area to help with preparing for Guests to Leave and Arrive.  Also, be able to print Guest Notes on the Lists (up to 105 characters).  The reservation list can also be filtered for just today or all future arrivals.

2)  Added additional information and functionality to the Guest Reset Date capability to undo a Guest Billing.

3)  Added a Print Form option to the Help Menu of the Maps and Reservation Grid Panels

4)  Added Guest History to track a repeat Guest's stays and/or Reservation Cancellations with screen or printout.

5)  Added a Cancel Reservation button to the Guest Panel that tracks back to Guest History.

6)  Added the ability to Change the Title of the "News and Announcements" area on the printed Bill to whatever you want.  You may want to provide Rules for short term Guests.

7)  The Billing Statement output has been changed a little to get a little more of the bottom of the page printed.  NOTE: This output is actually tied to your screen resolution, so if you increase your screen resolution, you should get more of this form output.

8)  Added a setting in the Park Information panel to automatically Compress and BackUp the database.  This is a really nice feature and will keep the Database running well and backed up if something goes wrong.  NOTE: This is Not available if you are running Multiple Computers.

9)  Added a new feature for the Reservation Grid to color a Reservation Magenta if the Guest Name starts with "Hold".  This is to address a Guest "maybe" extending their stay, or Holding a Reservation spot for an existing Guest.

10) Changed the Tax Fields to Display more characters in the Park Information panel in the following format:  .082531


1)  Fixed the Map Arrival/Departure algorithm to more accurately reflect the Park Status.

2)  Fixed a little issue with the Map panel. If you closed the Map panel with the unload "X" in the upper right, the Grid was being launched.  Also fixed the panel from always being shown in maximized state for those with very large monitors that don't want the panel quite so large.

Version 3.1.1 (12-03-2012)


1)  Added CSV file output to all reports to support spreadsheet output.

Bug Fixes:

1)  Changed the Excel creation to late binding to help with newer versions of Excel.

2)  Fixed the Progress Bar unload when Tax Report is run with no records found.

3)  Added a check to assure an Park.MDB database is selected when replacing the Database.

Version 3.1.0 (11-19-2012)


1)  Added an Inventory Management capability to help the ordering of Other Charge Items and change the On Hand Quantities when the Items are received.  This is the last item I felt the system needed to be complete.

2  Added an Order By capability to the Data Export tool to allow Grouping of Output Records and Ascending or Descending sorting of those groups.

3)  Added a tool to set Alpha characters in the Site Aliases and start the Number sequences from whatever number you want. This is only valid when Copying a Site.

4)  Added a Print option to the Reservation Grid Panel.

Bug Fixes:

1)  Fixed a bug in the Other Charges QuickBooks Fields area when going to the Setup QuickBooks Values panel and returning to the Other Charges panel.  Changes or Additions were not being updated.  You had to close the Other Charges panel and restart it to get the changes.

 2)  Fixed a bug in the Reservation Grid panel.  When the Calendar was launched the date was incorrect.  Also corrected an issue for finding Reservations that haven't yet checked in.  If the Guest has paid something they are no longer displayed.

Version 3.0.6 (08-04-2012)

Bug Fixes:

1)  Fixed using apostrophes ( ' ) in the application so the Park Name and Announcements can have them.

2)  Fixed a Runtime Error 424 bug in the Multiple Billing Statements option.

3)  Fixed a Save Guest List Text file bug, no file was created.


1)  Changed the Outgoing Email to provide the server with an encrypted connection (SSL) or (TLS) settings.

2)  Added the Payment Type field to the Tax/Revenue Report.

3) Provided access to the ParkCalendar external Tool from the Setup Panel.

Version 3.0.5 (07-04-2012)

Bug Fixes:

1)  Corrected a problem with Site Types (6 - 10) properly saving in the Park Info Panel.

2)  Removed an error message for checking for a new version status.


1) Created a new Default Site Rate setting to allow one to select a single Site Type and have All Sites with that option set to use the Default Rate Settings.

2) Changed the Guest Panel payment buttons a little to make it clearer on how the process works with the 3 steps.  See Generating a Bill for more information.

3) Provided access to the MapMaker and DataImporter Tools from RV Park via the SetUp Panel.  This simply launches the tools is they are located in the RV Park directory.

4) Added the ability to add dollars to Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Rates when more than some number of Guests are staying in a site.  Example: 4 Guests in a Site with a Daily Rate of $30 and $2 extra for more than 2 Guests making the Daily Rate $34/Day.

Version 3.0.4 (06-07-2012)

Bug Fixes:

1)  Corrected a limitation in the Zip/Postal Code lookup to allow for Multiple Cities in the Guest Panel.

2)  Fixed a problem from the Guest panel going to the Reservation Grid the Main Panel would be displayed over the Grid.

3)  Changed the Reservation Grid to initially load Maximized.  This can be changed and will remain as set unless you unload the panel by closing it with the "x" in the upper right hand corner.


1) Created a New External Program (Data Importer) to import Site; Guest; or Point of Sale Items into the RV Park Software database.

Version 3.0.3 (05-07-2012)


1) Added a Zip Code/Postal Code look up to simplify Guest Entry.  Just enter a Zip or Postal Code and press Enter and if the City and State fields are empty, they will be entered automatically.

2) Added a Mouse-Over Pop-Up for the Map Boxes to display the Guest Name and Arrival & Departure Dates.

3) Added Mouse Wheel Scrolling capability to the Reservation Grid and other List areas.

4) Added a new On-Line Reservation field for Special Requests or Information that gets retrieved into the Guest Notes field when an On-Line Reservation is imported.

Version 3.0.2 (05-07-2012)


1) Added a Guest Field for a Cell Phone and another for Guest Notes (up to 255 characters of Notes on the Guest).

2) Added a small enhancement to the Reservation Grid Panel to BOLD the TODAY Date or GoTo Date entered, so that it is more visible.

Version 3.0.1 (05-07-2012)


1) Added 5 more Site Types for the User to Categorize Sites.

Version 3.0.0 (05-07-2012)


1) Added Park Maps to the Application.  NOTE: You must use a separate application (MapMaker) to use the Maps in RV Park Software.

Version 2.5.4 (04-10-2012)

Bug Fixes:

1) Fixed a bug in the Reservation Grid

Version 2.5.3 (04-15-2012)


1) Added a Discount Rate to the Guest Panel to allow you to specify the Discount Rate you want applied. The rate can be from 1 to 99% and will be saved with the Guest. Before this enhancement, you could only apply a 10% discount at Billing.

2) Added a Checkbox to the Park Information Setup, Guest Panel, and Multiple Billing areas to NOT print the Amount Paid on the Billing Printout.  The checkbox on the Park Information General Settings area will set the Default for this feature.

3) Added a setting for our Canadian users to change between USA and CAN postal codes.

Bug Fixes:

1) Fixed a PayType field that was missing from the ArchivePark database when Version 2.5.1 changes were made.  This only affects old records being Archived ONLY and shouldn't affect many Users.

Version 2.5.2 (03-12-2012)

Bug Fixes:

1) Fixed a problem in saving Taxes to the Billing Tables.  This was causing the Taxes not to be recorded.

2) Removed a Pop-Up Message of "Check" when entering the Paid Thru date.  This was missed during the last version testing.

3) Fixed the Edit Billing tool to correct the Tax issues.  This is nice though ... the real issue for some time has been the Billing entries have had the correct totals (based on your selections) but the Taxes have not been getting saved.  This area will allow one to open an existing Billing entry and by pressing the ReCal Taxes button, capture the appropriate Taxes back into the Table ... remember to save the changes.

4) Fixed a bug in the changing quantities or costs of Other Charges in the Guest Panel.

Version 2.5.1 (02-15-2012)


1) Added a tool to create Multiple Billing Statements, like for creating multiple Monthly or whatever Type of Rental Guest Billing Statements you need.

2) Changed the Alias Naming default to add zeros to Site Alias numbers below 100 to support the sorting of Multiple Billing Statements.

3) Added a Payment Type (Cash/Check/Credit Card) field to the Billing Table to get it on an Export Excel Data spreadsheet.   There is also a new message when pressing the Bill Paid button on the Guest panel to remind one to properly register the Payment Type.  If it doesn't matter just press Yes to continue.  NOTE: Previous Billing records will be blank.

Version 2.5.0 (12-10-2011)


1) Added a Reservation Grid Panel to track Guests coming in soon.  The grid uses 8 fields, which can be ordered to your preferences, and color coded for No Deposit, Partial Deposit, and Full Deposit.  The new panel can be sorted by 7 of the 8 columns; ascending and descending.  There is another new panel to set the columns Headers and Widths.

2) Added a pop-up to notify you that there is a new version available.  This can be disabled on the Park Information Setup panel.


1) Fixed a bug in Export Excel Data, when exporting a tailored Spreadsheet or CSV file data may not have been created from the proper field.  If a field was blank, it was dropped.

Version 2.4.3 (11-04-2011)


1) Added a Print Reservation button on the Guest form at the bottom of the left side. This is a simple printout for those that like having a hard copy of all of all of the Reservations.

2) Added an SMTP Port setting to the outgoing Email Setup to support other Email Clients like Hotmail and GMail.


1) Changed the Email Reservation interface to be more compatible with Windows 7.

2) Fixed a bug when Assigning a New Site to a Guest, the program could assign a non-valid site.

3) Fixed the Reports for Guests to use the From/To Dates.  Changed some of the interface so that the Time Frame Dates are only visible when applicable.

Version 2.4.2 (9-24-2011)


1) Added the ability to Tax Rent by Daily, Weekly, Monthly, 3 Month, 6 Month and Yearly.  You can determine which type of Renters pay tax ... or not.

2) Enhanced the Electrical Billing to allow up to 3 Ranges of Electrical Rates for a Guest. This will allow one to Bill 2130 KWH as the first 700 for one Electrical Rate and from 701 to 1900 KWH for a second Rate and the remaining KWH's for a third Rate.  You set the Ranges and Rates.

Bug Fixes:

1) Added a filter in the Reservation Grid load module to protect against NULL Guest Names that one Customer was experiencing.  Can't determine how to create a Guest without a Name.

Version 2.4.1 (8-12-2011)


1) Added a Daily Fee option for areas that need to charge a Daily Fee for staying at the Park.  Some California Counties are requiring a daily fee (similar to a Tax except an amount versus a percentage) be charged.  This is usually for a period of less than 30 days (the fee is included in a Monthly or longer rate).  The Daily Fee has been added to the ParkInfo panel.  The Guest must be paying either Daily or Weekly and the Rate and number of days (generally less than 30) must be entered for the Fee to be applied.  The Fee has it's own field in the Billing database table.

2) Added additional options to the Reservation Output on the  Guest panel. Originally it only created an Email, now you can also print the Reservation Notification, or create a file to edit before sending.

3) Added a checkbox to the Email Billing Statement Setup Panel for SMTP Requires Authentication. RV Park was automatically assuming this, so you can now Unset it.


1) Corrected a panel resize issue in the Other Charges POS panel.

2) Found a bug when adding a Deposit to the Billing Database and corrected it.

3) Fixed a problem when deleting a Site error Abend.

4) Corrected a problem in making a reservation when there is a previous reservation for that site at a future date. It would always tell you the site was already rented, which was incorrect.

Version 2.4.0 (7-4-2011)


1) Enabled the Quantity On Hand and Reorder Point fields on the Other Charges panel. Added an Item Cost, Reorder Quantity, Quantity Received, and UPC fields to manage Inventory.

2) Changed the Bill Costs Other than Site Related panel to support Bar Code Scanners, Quantities, and up to 15 Items per Customer transaction. The Sale can also be associated with a Guest or walk-in

Customer.  If the sale is to a Guest, some or all of the amount can be added to the Guest's Outstanding balance or if the Guest over pays, that extra amount can be credited to the Guest's balance.

3) Point of Sale like features with Inventory tracking, Reordering quantities, Receipts, and Reports with the Bill Costs Other than Site Related option.

4) Enhanced the Password validation to remember which option you selected after the Database Access Password is entered.

5) Added a Quick View button for Outstanding balances and a new Inventory/Reorder Point report with an Excel output.

6) Added a Hyperlink to your Park's Website specified in the Park Information on the Main Panel.

7) Added an Export to QuickBooks or other applications that creates a MS Excel or CSV file format.  You can also save the Export Format for reuse.

8) Added a tool to improve updating Electric Meter Reading.  This will Print Site Information for you to collect Meter Readings and then let you enter all of them in one Panel.

9) Provided an On-Line Reservation capability. If you have a Website, you can now provide Reservations that you can retrieve from the internet to Auto Fill Out the Guest form with what they have entered on the Web.  This does require you have a website and you will need 3 pages added to facilitate the On-Line Reservations.  See On-Line Reservations for more information.

10) In the Reservation Grid Panel, now when you want to register a New Guest, you can click on their Arrival Date and holding the left mouse button down drag the mouse to their Departure Date and transfer both dates to the Guest Panel.

11) Added the ability to Email a Bill to a Guest in the Guest Panel. The Bill is similar to the Printed Statement in an HTML format. Makes it nice for long term Guests to get their Bills.


1) Several bugs were corrected in the Reports being created when information being produced wasn't correct.

2) Fixed a registration bug - when there was a one night reservation in the future and you tired to register a longer stay in the same site, the system would allow it.

3) Added a check to protect a Customer from voiding their License in the Registration Panel.

4) Fixed a bug in the Site Information panel when setting the Seasonal Dates.  If one used the up & down arrows, the dates were not registering properly.

Version 2.3.7 (3-15-2011)


1) I am calling this an enhancement, but it is also needed to correct an enhancement that has the Available Sites Reservation Grid not sorting by site correctly for many Customers. We have added a Checkbox in the Park Information Panel to sort the Available Sites by Number (Default) or by Site Alias.


1) Fixed 2 routines that weren't properly handling Other Charges with single quotes.

Version 2.3.6 (3-14-2011)


1) Added a new feature for creating Multiple new Sites to the Park with one click.  This is mainly helpful when initially configuring the RV Park Software, but could also be handy if you were adding a bunch of new sites to an existing Park.

2) If a Site Type is not required entering "None" will remove the choice from the Site and Guest Panels.

3) Added an Archive Path for Database Backup and Archiving Billing information. Be sure if you change the Database Backup Path you relocate the ArchivePark.MDB database to the new location.

4) Added a Refresh button to the Reservation Grid Panel, primarily for running multiple Computers. The Grid Panel is also now auto-refreshed upon redisplay when the Running Multiple Computer option is set in the Park Information Panel.  Changed the Sorting to use the Alias from the Site Number.

5) Added Alias Site Numbers to the Reassigning a Site popup to clarify reassigning a site.


1) Removed a false message when Cancelling a Site being Saved ... you were told the Site was Saved anyway, which was incorrect.

2) Fixed the Networking issue (See Running Multiple Computers for more information).

3) Fixed an issue when setting up the Park and making a Site Type "blank" can make all set to "None" depending upon which Type was made "Blank".

4) Fixed the Reservation Grid Panel so that when the size is restored everything is displayed correctly.

5) Fixed the Report Panel to use Excel only in a Tax/Revenue report and removed the extra columns when identifying Other Billing Items.

6) Fixed an issue when Checking out a Guest when Alias Site Numbers are used.

7) Fixed an issue when single quotes are used in Other Charges.

8) Fixed an Issue in Outstanding Balance Reports when Sites have alpha characters.

Version 2.3.5 (2-22-2011)


1)  Added the capability to override a Guest Departure date to a date prior to the current date.

2)  Added more information to the Assign New Site panel to show what criteria was being used to locate a site (in the panel header).  This panel was also made to Resize to see more sites.

3)  Added a new registration tool to the setup panel.


1)  Adjusted the Tax Report output to be better in line.

2)  Fixed a bug in the Assign New Site and AvailSites area.  There could be an assignment other than that selected if the actual site ID and Alias were different.

Version 2.3.4 (2-22-2011)


1)  Fixed a Tax issue.  Electric tax calculations were not working correctly.


1)  Added the capability to override a Guest Arrival date to a date prior to the current date.

Version 2.3.3 (1-1-2011)


1) Added Summer & Winter Rates for Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Billing. The 3, 6, and 12 month Rates are not affected. Each Site can have unique Rates for each Billing type, or you can now use the Default Rates to standardize all sites.

2) Enhanced the Reservation Grid window to allow Full Screen viewing and by changing the Grid Days in the Park Setup panel, you can have as many as 190 days on screen at one time. NOTE: The more Grid Days you have the slower the Reservation Grid window will update.

3) Added new features to the Billing Statement to see the Seasonal Rates.

4) Changed the format of the Guest Panel to fit better on lower resolution monitors.

5) Added a Check for Program Updates that checks on-line for new versions on the Main Panel.


1) There were several issues resolved during testing.

Version 2.3.2 (8-6-2010)


1) Changed the Help files to HTML based to accommodate VISTA and Windows 7.

Version 2.3.1 (4-6-2010)


1) Changed the Park Setup, Guest. and Site availability panels to better display on a monitor with a minimum Screen resolution of 1024 X 768 display setting.

Version 2.3.0 (3-31-2010)


1) Added an Alias to the Site Number. This was requested by a Park that uses alpha characters to help better describe the site, like S for Shade; P for Pull thru, and B for Back in. So a Site might be called 14SP; meaning it has Shade and is a Pull thru. There are 7 characters to use for an Alias, so do what helps you.

2) Added a Payment Type to the Guest to identify how the Guest is typically paying. Cash, Check, Credit Card with all of it's information makes it easier for you to keep track of their payment information.

3) Added the ability to Email a Reservation Confirmation to a Guest that has called in their reservation. This does require you have Outlook Express or Outlook loaded on the PC.

Version 2.2.4 (8-5-2010)


1) Changed the Help files to HTML based to accommodate VISTA and Windows 7.

Version 2.2.3 (4-18-2009)


1) Added a Key to allow an additional 30 days to a trial usage.

Version 2.2.2 (10-18-2008)


1) Fixed a bug in the Get Guest routine that was looking for a date that didn't exist.

Version 2.2.1 (10-16-2008)


1) Fixed the Guest Report so that it doesn't lockup when a Guest with no results is run.

2) Fixed a bug in the Delete Guest button.

Version 2.2.0 (9-19-2008)


1) Added 3 new rates to the application. You can now also charge 3 Month; 6 Month; and Yearly rates.

2) The Reports have been enhanced to provide a Selection of areas to be included in the Outstanding Balance Report. The User can determine if they just want the Outstanding Balance (Unpaid Balance); Rents due, separated by Rate Type (Day/Week/Month/Quarterly/Bi-Yearly/ and Yearly); Electric Due; and Other Items Due or any combination of those.

Version 2.1.4 (5-5-2008)


1) Changed the Reports to reflect the Guest's Name as opposed to their ID NUmber per a Customer request.

Version 2.1.3 (5-1-2008)


1) Fixed a bug that occurred when a Deposit was saved on an initial Guest Save.

Version 2.1.2 (6-12-2007)


1) Fixed a problem with the Site Grid listing. A Guest was being listed on their departure date making it impossible to rent the site for that day.

2) Grid selection for Reservation. When selecting "TODAY" for a new reservation the word TODAY was entered into the Guest Panel for the Arrival date. This is fixed to show todays date.

3) The Outstanding Report has been changed to reflect those Guests with a Paid Thru date in the database, which indicates you have not yet set them as Paid.


1) Added a "Print to Screen" option in the Reports area and made it the Default.

Version 2.1.1 (5-2-2007)


1) Fixed a problem when writing the Excel Report, the last Detail Charge was not being written.

Version 2.1.0 (5-1-2007)


1) Added an option to move a Guest to a new Site.

2) Provided the ability to generate a Bill with a date prior to the last paid date. This allows one to charge a leaving Guest with Electrical Charges due before actual leaving.

3) Removed the Amount Paid field from the Invoice/Bill.

Version 2.0.3 (4-27-2007)


1) Fixed the forms with termination "X" buttons on the upper right corner, so that they properly terminate the form.


1) Added an option when the last Bill creates a Negative balance. It will allow you to save it. This is when a Deposit being refunded creates a negative balance.

Version 2.0.2 (4-25-2007)


1) Changed Report output file name defaults to be more consistent.

Version 2.0.1 (4-2-2007)


1) Changed the Save Guest option to protect against saving a Blanked form Guest.

2) Added additional checks to prohibit saving a Guest with a Site number that is already in use.

Version 2.0.0 (2-1-2007)


1) Added full support for using Deposits in the Guest panel.

2) Now handles partial payments by managing a Balance in the Guest's account.

3) The Guest panel has a few minor changes to help with payments different than exactly what is owed.

4) Added a Park Grid panel to show 30 days of Guests and Available Sites. This requires the registration of a new OCX (MSFLXGRD.OCX). It makes it simple to go to a Guest or find an open Site for a New Guest registering.

5) A new table has been added to the database to accommodate proper tracking of the Other and Negative Charges. This will allow all Billing transactions to have the details of how much was billed for each Other or Negative charge. One could edit each Billing record to Add the Details, but could require a lot of effort depending upon how many records have been saved.

6) A new report has been added to provide a SnapShot of Sites with Outstanding Balances, and Rent that is due.

7) Added a MS Excel output for Tax/Revenue Reports.. You can now have all of the information exported to a spreadsheet.

8) Added a new panel to enter Moneys collected or refunded that do NOT relate to a Site. This would be like Laundry Room proceeds or charging to store an RV. It can still be edited just like a Site related billing.

9) Archive and restore Billing Information. You can easily move Billing records back and forth from the Archive Billing database.

10) Added a Database Lock Password to restrict unauthorized Database access.

Version 1.1.7 (1-22-2007)

Bug Fixes

1) Corrected a bug in the Edit Billing Database tool. When a Visitor is gone the tool attempted to retrieve the name, now a Non-Name is provided.

Version 1.1.5 (11-27-2006)


1) Added the ability to Edit or Delete Billing entries in the Database. This is found in the Setup main option, under the RV Park Database Management tools (Edit Billing Database).

Version 1.1.4 (11-24-2006)


1) Added the ability to specify a Path for the PARK.MDB database. This is found in the Setup main option, under the Campground Information option and in the General Settings area. The program now creates a “path.txt” file in the application directory with the application directory as the default path. If this is an existing use of the Program, you will need to run it one time to get that established. Then you can change the setting. Be sure that after changing the setting you move the PARK.MDB to where you want it before re-starting the application.

Version 1.1.3 (11-30-2005)


1) Fixed a problem when the Electrical Meter "rolls-over" to a smaller number for the current reading. The fix provides for meters with a top number of 9999 and 99999 ONLY. If you have meters with high numbers of something other than these please contact us.

Version 1.1.2 (10-24-2005)


1) Fixed the close pane button on the Guest Panel to re-open the Main Panel when used.

Version 1.1.1 (10-24-2005)


1) Fixed an abend error when the first "monthly" bill is generated on a new tenant. Worked fine after the first one.

Version 1.1.0 (08-08-2005)


1) Added an Amount Paid field to the Guest Panel and database to address non-payment Guests or losses from non-payment.


1) Fixed several Tax Report formatting issues while adding the Loss Field. The 3 Taxes are summed in the initial list of transactions, and if there are taxes present, they will be listed in a breakout below the list of transaction totals. The Tax totals are NOT printed if they are $0.00.

Version 1.0.2 (04-30-2005)


1) Fixed the ability to change the Main Panel Image (must be 640W X 480H pixels)

Version 1.0.1 (04-30-2005)


1) Fixed a problem with clearing the Guest Panel when moving to a new Site

2) Added a error recovery feature to the Guest panel


1) Added the ability to control the names of rental areas like Cabins, Tents, Boats, etc. limited to 10 characters

Version 1.0.0 (04-18-2005)

First Release - no notes. The requirement for this application came from Sportsman's Park RV in Azle Texas. Thanks to Steve and Nancy.