RV Park Help


Point Of Sale Activities

If you have an RV Park Store or sell items other than space rentals and other space related charges, you may like the Point of Sale features of the Software.  If you want to speed up the Sale, an inexpensive Bar Code Scanner for "ringing up" the Sale, entering store inventory, and managing items.  I found an Opticon OPT-6125 USB scanner for less that $20 that can read the UPC codes from the merchandise, and if you have your own unique items that don't have UPC bar codes, you can download the True Type Code 39 at https://rvparksoftware.us/IDAutomationCode39.zip  After installing the font, you can create your own bar codes for affixing to your items.  Just precede and terminate your bar code with the asterisk character "*" so the scanner can read it.


The actual bar code read is NOW34ADCHR6

Before Selling, you will need to set up your inventory in the Other Charges area.  Here you can set up your inventory, reorder points, and remaining inventory, as well as, establishing the UPC codes for sales.

After setting up the inventory, you can use the Enter Charges Other than Site Related area to Sell items in a Point of Sale type solution.  The sales can be associated to a Guest or to a non-Guest.

If you are keeping an Inventory, the Sale of Items will be tracked and you can create an Inventory Report