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Really Cool Internet Tools

We normally don't advertise or endorse other company's Products, but LogMeIn has an excellent set of products that can really help RV Park Software Customers.  Here are 3 situations that I have had and easily solved with LogMeIn products.

1)  Have you ever wished you could easily & securely access your Office computer from Home?

2)  Or, need Help from someone on a Computer issue over the phone and they couldn't see what you were doing?

3)  Or, want about running RV Park over the Internet at Home securely without additional Licenses or interfering with the Office's use of the Program?

Well, LogMeIn has Free Tools that can help with these types of issues.  I travel quite a lot being retired, but need to have access to my Desktop computer at Home from time to time. 

So, in the case of #1, I use the Free version of LogMeIn on my Desktop and Laptop computer to Log Into the Desktop computer from my Laptop computer and run it just like I am sitting in front of it.  The Pro version has tools to move files between the 2 computers and a few other capabilities, but I can handle about 95% of what I need to do with the Free version.  Visit https://secure.logmein.com/products/free/register.aspx to register and download the tool.

For #2, LogMeIn has a product called Join.Me.  Once you have downloaded the mini-application you can share your screen with whomever you need to get help from.  They can observe what you are doing or you can let them drive.  Visit https://beta.join.me/ to download the tool. There is also a tool called TeamViewer that cna be used for Free if you are doing so as an individual and not as a company.  This is available at: https://www.teamviewer.com/en-us/download/windows/

#3 is a LogMeIn product called Hamachi.  This tool creates a Virtual Private Network (VPN) between 2 computers across an Internet connection.  Through this connection you can access the RV Park databases and run a copy of RV Park remotely without any additional Licenses.  It's jut like being locally networked to the Host computer.  Visit https://secure.logmein.com/products/hamachi/ to register and download the tool.

Need a Free Spreadsheet program, WPS has a wonderful Suite of Office programs that are not only great, but Free or less than $30 for the Premium version.  You can download the software HERE.