RV Park Help


Pay Park Maintenance Fee

RV Park Software has been marketed for over 15 years without any Maintenance Fees.  There is simply too much effort required to continue to do this.  In an attempt to keep everything at a minimal cost, the yearly Maintenance Fee has been set at $100 per year.  This is required for the software to continue working.  Parks with less than 31 sites will be a reduced fee of $50.

Initially, if you have been a long time Customer (over a year), your first Maintenance Fee will be due in 90 days.  If you purchased RV Park Software recently (less than a year), your Maintenance Fee will be due on your purchase anniversary date.  Then the subsequent Maintenance Fees will be due every 12 months.

When your Maintenance Fee is due within 30 days, a reminder will be provided with a button that will provide a web page to complete the  payment.  You can press No on the reminder until the days remaining gets to 0, at which time RV Park will stop working.  It is recommended you purchase the Maintenance before the days get to zero to allow for processing the payment.