This tool provides a "Stepwise" approach to creating your Maps for use in RV Park Software.  Once the Getting Started things are complete, just do the following Steps in the order provided and you will have your Map(s) running in minutes.  Make sure you have done the Getting Started things before following these steps.

The Steps are as follows:

1.   Size the Maps - You will need to make the Maps as large as possible for your smallest screen computer you are operating with RV Park Software.  If you use the Largest Screen computer and you have smaller screen computers, the Image and some of the Sites may not be visible.

2.   Determine the Number of Map(s)- You can have up to 4 Maps.  The fewer Maps you use the easier time you will have using them in the RV Park Software, but sometimes one just doesn't do the trick.  So, you can define up to 4.

3.   Map Images & Names - For each Map you will need an Image and a Tab Name. The Image can be a JPG or GIF (others may work, but these are the best).  Put the Images in the Database Directory and enter their names in the fields for each Map Tab.  The Names for the Tabs can be whatever you want.

4.   Add Site Boxes - The Add Site Button will let you know (before you press it) the Site Alias number that will be created next on the Map Tab you are currently on when pressed.  It will appear in the Upper Left portion of the Map.  Placing your mouse over it, the Alias Site Number will be displayed.

NOTE: The Yellow Get Next Site button, will allow one to cycle through the Sites not yet on a Map if you wanted to skip placing some defined Sites and only place certain ones on the Map. Just press the Get Next Site button and the Add Site Boxes button will change to the next Site for placement

5.   Positioning Site Boxes - Once the new Site is Added to the Map, simply use the left mouse button and select the Site Box to move, keep the mouse button depressed and Drag the Box to the new location and release the mouse button. The location may not be perfect, so you can click on it and drag it again, or once it is selected, you can use Keyboard buttons to "tweak" the Box location.  "R" (upper or lower case) will "Tweak" the Box to the right; "L" to the left; "U" up; and (you guessed it) "D" down.

6.   Deleting a Site Box - You can delete a Site Box if needed after it is created. Just right-click the Site Box to delete and press Yes.

7.   Changing a Site Box Size- You can select the Site Box after creation and modify it's size by changing the value.  Just left-click the Site Box and change the size value in the field.