Sizing Map


First, you will need to make the Maps as large as possible for your smallest screen computer you are operating with RV Park Software.  The Height & Width can't be made larger than than the computer screen can handle that you are working on.  If you use the Largest Screen computer and you have smaller screen computers, the Image and some of the Sites may not be visible.

In the Width Box enter the number you are happy with.  When you click on the Height Box, providing focus there, the Image and panel features will change.  Then enter the Height you want and either press Enter or select the Width box again which will change the focus and the Image and panel features will change to suit the new number. 


graphic Tip: You may need to reduce your Windows Task Bar at the bottom of the screen and stretch the Map Maker panel at the bottom to view everything.

Next, you can Determine the Number of Maps you want to use.