Getting Started


Before you start using this tool there are a few things you need to do:

1.   Determine how you want to organize your Park Map(s) - you can have as many as 4 separate Maps to define your Park.  You will need an Image of each that are located in your RV Park Software Database Directory, as defined in the RV Park Software Park Information settings.  This setting is made in the RV Park Software Setup program, not in this program.

2.   All Sites Must FIRST be setup in the RV Park Software program BEFORE you can define the sites on the Map(s) with this program.  This program will allow you to position EXISTING Sites on the active Map.  It is also important to know that this program gets the next Site in their Created Order (which may Not be the Alias Number Order you defined).  If you put the wrong site on the wrong Map you can easily Delete it, move to the right Map, and recreate it.

3.   Have an Image of your Maps - You will need a computer based Image of the Map(s) you want to use.  It needs to be located in the same directory where your Database resides.  You can look in the Park Information panel to determine where you database is being kept.  Many Parks have a paper copy of their Park Map to help Guests get to their site.  If you have a computer based image of this, you are there, if not, there are several companies that will convert the paper into an Image you can store on your computer, like Office Depot; Office Max; etc.  If you can get the Image formatted in approximately 1600 Wide X 800 High pixels you would be close to what you need.  The actual image will be somewhere around 18800 X 8600 pixels.  I have also used an Image from a Park's website.  If you have a Scanner, you can scan a paper copy of the Map and create the Image you need also.  If all else fails, you can send us your art work and we can prepare an Image.  The best image is either a JPG or GIF type Image.

NOTE: Once you have started this process the Map option on the RV Park Software Main Panel will start working ... even if you don't finish the Map Maker process.

Once you have these things done, making your Maps will be real easy.