Current Version 3.5.52
Released: 12/08/2022

RV Park will run on any IBM compatible computer running Windows XP or greater Operating System. RV Park is a 32 bit program, but runs well on both 32 and 64 bit Windows Operating Systems.

On Windows 7 8 10 & 11, the Compatibility Mode for all of the RV Park applications MUST be set to Windows XP Service Pack 2 or 3. This is due to the Virtual environment Windows 7 8 10 & 11 provide that needs to be turned off for RV Park.

It is also Imperative that your Region and Language settings in your Control Panel are set to English (United States) and your Short Date format is set to M/d/yyyy.

Hard Drive Space - RV Park Software will work on most version of windows.  You need about 16 meg of Hard Drive space to start with, the database will grow as you use it.  You can archive old information (probably yearly). RV Park shouldn't ever exceed about 20 – 24 meg of your Hard Drive space. 

RAM Memory - RV Park runs well on 2 gb of RAM for an average size Park (approximately 300 sites). NOTE: We have Customers with as many as 700+ sites, but that many sites may slow the responsiveness of the application. RV Park is a 32 bit program and as such too many gigabytes of additional RAM may not buy you much. In 32 bit processing a Windows computer can only map 4 gb of RAM, so anything over 4 gb will not provide much to programs in the 32 bit world. If you intend to use other programs in the 64 bit arena, additional RAM will be a good choice. NOTE: RV Park will run on a 64 bit Windows operating system, it will just be in a 32 bit mode.

Processor - Virtually any processor will run RV Park Software. The faster the processor, the faster the program will run.

Other Requirements - The Program is designed to operate with an active Internet Connection for On-Line Reservations, sending Email confirmations or Bills, and checking for and downloading new versions. The Internet Connection will also provide a mechanism for Software Updates. RV Park can operate without the Internet Connection, you will just not be able to use some of the functionality.

Spreadsheet Output - If you want to get MicroSoft Excel spreadsheets from RV Park Software, you will need MS Excel. Currently this is only been validated thru MS Excel 2013. Please check your version of Excel with RV Park for compatibility. You can use the CSV (or Comma Separated Value) output, which is compatible with any version of Excel or other Spreadsheet Programs.

Another requirement is a Default Printer to generate receipts, output for reports, and Billing Statements. Almost any printer will work, but inkjet and laser printers will most likely provide speed. By design this is a standard 8.5 X 11 inch printer. RV Park does NOT support 3" or 4" type printers.

The last requirement is only valid if you choose to use the Point of Sale capability of RV Park, and that is a Bar Code Scanner. A Bar Code Scanner can be purchased for as little as $20 to $30 on-line and greatly enhances the Point of Sale experience. A Bar Code Scanner is really not a requirement, it just simplifies the use of the Point of Sale capability. See the Help Files for additional information.


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