Current Version 3.5.52
Released: 12/08/2022

The "Lite" version of RV Park Software does NOT require a license to operate. It is designed to help Park personnel that need to share information about what is happening in the Park with someone that doesn't have direct access to the licensed RV Park Software. The Lite version does NOT allow the Users to Save or Change the database. They can run Reports or view the Park registrations, but not alter the actual database. This could be a corporate location, or the Park Owner that is in a remote location from the actual Park.

What is required is the Lite version be downloaded and installed on the corporate or owner's remote PC. Next, the Licensed copy of RV Park software would be configured so that a copy of the Park database would be automatically emailed to the corporate or owner's Email account when the software is exited. This is done in the Campground Information area of the Setup. Then, the corporate or owner would unzip the attached database and place it in their RVPark directory and use the Setup option (Replace Current Database) to make that copy of the Park's information available. They can then run reports or view the Park's activities. The only other information needed would be a copy of the Map Image(s), if a Map is being used, which could be emailed and placed in the same directory.

So, if you would like to download the Lite version of RV Park Software, please provide your name and Email below.

Please Provide a Little Info
Ver 3.5.40 This version is compatible with the Version 3.5.40 of the RV Park database. NOTE: You will need the Database emailed to you from a RV Park User to use this.

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