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Released: 12/08/2022

RV Park Remote Access

Sometimes you need to get into RV Park and other programs on your Park Desktop or RV Park Licensed Hosting PC. This may be just when no one is working the Office or you may want access all the time just like you were there on a networked PC in the Office, but you are on the road or even at home in a different state. There are ways to connect to your Park Office PC, some pretty easy and some quite challenging depending upon your skill level and what you really need to accomplish. Lets look at your options:

1) Internet Based Connection Services - These cost a little, but do most of the work setting things up for you, so they are fairly simple to use, allow you to run the computer remotely, and should be considered if there is NOT someone in the Office trying to use the same PC.

I will talk about LogMeIn (there are others, but this is one I am familiar with). LogMeIn is an application you load on the Office PC and your PC at your location. You can then access your Office PC (as long as it was left on) and run it remotely. This costs $30/mo.

The other most popular remote internet application is TeamViewer. This tool has a free version for non business users and a business license for $47/mo.

2) Windows Remote Desktop - is another way to access your Office PC away from the office. It is free, but requires a little effort to get it up and running. You need to set up a User with appropriate privelegdges or use your Admin User, plus setting up the Remote Access application. See Notes for some guidance. This is very similar to the Option 1 above, in that, only you can use the PC during your session.

3) Simply Network a PC to the RV Park Licensed PC - this really isn't "Remote Access", but is a way to use more than one PC off the Licensed RV Park PC. Usually, you can get two or more PCs to work together in a network situation.

4) On Demand Virtual Private Network via Hamachi (from LogMeIn) - This is a VPN tool that will allow up to 5 PCs to interconnect for Free. Over 5 requires a license that supports different levels of Users. Once setup properly on the devices, you will be able to run RV Park locally with the database being on a different PC. See HERE for detailed instructions. This approach will allow your Park Office PC to be used locally while you also use the software.

5) Professionally install a VPN on the Licensed Office PC and the Remote PC - This is usually a software solution that provides similar access to the Office PC from a remote PC, and allows the Office folks to work while the remote PC is connected and using RV Park software. You may want to contact a local professional IT person with all of the knowledge and expertise to assist in setting this type of VPN on your PCs for a fee ... maybe around $125. They can perform everything remotely and have your Laptop ready to be on the road while your Office PC works at your Park.


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