Current Version 3.5.52
Released: 12/08/2022

Challenge Code:

RV Park software is a Windows Based application that must run in a Windows operating system. The program uses the Windows system to provide a unique code called a Challenge Code for your computer. When you purchase a license for RV Park, you will receive a Key Code that matches the Challenge Code, unlocking the program for use. Once licensed, the licensed computer can be used to share that license and database with other computers across a network for free.

Where Do I Access the Challenge Code:

During the Evaluation period, a PopUp is presented each time RV Park Software is started. If you select Yes from the PopUp, the Registration panel will be displayed.

Evaluation PopUp

After the Evaluation period, the above PopUp is no longer displayed, but you can access the Registration panel from the SetUp panel/Change Key option. This is also available during the Evaluation period:

Setup Panel

Once the Change Key option or Yes from the initial PopUp panel is pressed, you will get the Registration panel and be able to Copy the Challenge Code or view your license properties:

Registration panel

Once you have the Registration panel displayed, you can Copy the Challenge Code and be able to go to the BuyNow page for purchasing it, or to the Registration page to setup an on-line reservation page for your website or make comments about RV Park for others to see.


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