Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q:  Does E-Business Made Simple build Maps for us?

A:  We could, but recommend it is done by you the Customer.  This is because we would need a copy of your database (Park.MDB) and Images of your park and some time to create.  Any changes and new reservations would have to be added back to your database after we finished. Not real clean.  This was designed for you to do.

Q:  Can E-Business Prepare the Map Image for us?

A:  Yes, if you will send us your Art Work for your Park, we can prepare a JPG or GIF Image and Email it back to you.  You can usually have someone local do this for you.  We charge $25 and will need your MapMaker pixel settings; a check for $25 made out to W. H. Lusby (not E-Business); and an EMail address to send the Image to.

Q:  Why would I ever want more than one Map to reflect my Park or Property Management situation?

A:  There are situations where one Map just doesn't do the trick.  RV Parks are now renting Storage Lockers and/or Boat Slips and/or RV Storage spaces or sometimes the Park is so spread out that one map doesn't do justice to a Park with sections that are separated by a distance. Multiple Maps can provide a better way to organize and/or manage your particular situation.