Setting Up Outgoing EMail


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You may want to send Confirmation Emails to Guests for which you have made a Reservation.  RV Park has a built in Email tool for this.  You may need a little information from your Internet Service Provider about what settings you will need.  Here are the settings you will need (some of them, you may already know):

MailServer - this is typically the SMTP Address of where your Emails are sent from. Example:

UserName - This is typically your Email Address, like

UserPassword - This should be fairly obvious ... just enter the password you use for this Email account.

SMTP Port - This can be almost anything in this day and age.  Many SMTP servers are trying to protect their Users, so you need to get this from them.  NOTE:  Use the SMTP Help link at the top Left of the panel for possible assistance for some of the Email Clients.

SMTP Requires Authentication - This needs to be checked if the SMTP Server needs to be Authenticated.

Server Encryption - If the server needs encryption select the appropriate type (SSL or TLS).

Preview/Edit Confirmation Emails Checkbox - The Preview/Edit Confirmation Emails before sending checkbox lets you review the Confirmation Emails. There is also a Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) checkbox to send yourself a copy of whatever is going out for your records.

Enter all of the Values and press Save.  To test, you need to have filled out your Park information with everything correctly; create a reservation for yourself with an Email Address you have access to, and use the Output Reservation button on the Guest Panel and pick the Email to Guest button.  Within a few seconds you should get your confirmation or an error ...