Introducing RV Park


RV Park is a simple, easy to use program for Property Management type application. The tool was designed primarily for RV Park management, but can be adapted for almost any Property Management situation.  There are 3 simple Concepts you need to understand about the program, followed by the proper setup, and in about an hour or two (depending on how many sites and what features you need to use) you will be ready to manage your Park or Properties.

If you already understand the Concepts from the Introduction, you can go to the Campground Setup Section:

How to setup Campground Information

Concept One: It is important you take the time to properly enter all of your setup information in the Campground Information Setup area.  The program will not function correctly without accurate information.  All your Sites MUST be defined with "Site Aliases" (or Site Names you want to use in the Reservation Grid and Maps).  It is also recommended you create "Other Charges" you will need for Charging Guests things you want to include on their Bill or want to sell in a Point Of Sale store you may have.  Other Charges can always be added as you go, but it makes sense to set up common charges you know will be needed.  Examples, could be: RV Wash/Dump Fee/Meter Charge/etc.

Concept Two:  Once the Campground is fully defined, a Guest needs to be PROPERLY registered.  That means, there are a minimum of things that must be entered to have them show up and be located. Fields that are required: Name / Arrival Date / Departure Date / Site / Stay Type (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, etc.) everything else is at your discretion.  The Arrival and Departure dates are used to show the Guest in the Reservation Grid and on the Maps.  They act as a place holder for the site.

NOTE:  The Stay Type is how they are Paying NOT how they are Staying.  That is, if they are Staying for a Year, but Paying Monthly, they should be set to a Monthly Stay Type.

Concept Three:  There is a process for a Guest to be Billed and Money collected. Generally, when a Guest arrives you want to collect money for their stay up front.  The process is:

1)  Enter a Paid Thru Date - most easily done by double-clicking the Paid Thru Date field and selecting a Date they will be paying thru.  RV Park will figure their costs from your Site and Information setup.  You can add up to 5 "Other Charges" if needed.  If you leave the "Do Not Show Amount Paid" check box blank, the printed Bill will look like an Receipt, check the box and it will be more like a Invoice. You can press the "=" (equal) button to make the amount paid equal to the amount due if needed.  The Amount Paid will turn colors to help identify differences. Green for Amount Paid equal to that due, Yellow for Amount Paid is Less than that due, and Red for the Amount Paid being more than that due.  If the Amount Paid is NOT equal to the Amount Due, an Outstanding Balance (positive or negative) will be maintained.

2)  Press the Generate Bill button - to print the Bill (this saves some of the information and is an important step in the process).  This step can be done several times as necessary to create as many paper copies or corrections as needed, as long as you don't tell RV Park you have collected the money. The Generate Bill will ask you if you want to mark the Bill Paid ... if you press Yes, it is just like pressing the 2) Bill Paid button.

3)  Once the Money has been received, press the Bill Paid button - this will complete the transaction by adding it to the Billing Table in the database and move the Paid Thru date to the Last Paid field.

NOTE:  This process may be repeated many times for a Guest staying for a Long Term period.  Once the Guest is ready to leave, and after you have completed their finial Billing Process, if is important you Check them out:

4)  Use the Ck Out button to return the site to the site pool, making it available to future Guests. 

NOTE: This also removes them from the Reservation Grid and is critical for RV Park to function properly.

NOTE1:  If a Guest needs to stay longer than originally provided, you can simply change their Departure Date to the future date (or make it less if they are leaving early) as long as the site they are in has availability for the extra days.  If not, you may need to complete their Billing process for their current site, remove the site number, and Assign them a New Site for the rest of their stay. You can reassign the next Guest to a different site and let them remain in their current site.  Whatever is most convenient.

NOTE2:  There is a "Hold" feature that can be used to Hold a site for a Guest that thinks they may stay longer, but are not sure.  This feature is discussed further in the DEtailed Help files.

How to setup Campground Information