Entering Existing Guests


First, let me suggest, if this is an existing Park, you may want to pick a point in time to start using RV Park.  I would suggest, the last time everyone paid.  It is "nice" to have everyone paying on the same day (say the first of the month) and then everyone's arrival date could be their last paid or paid thru date.

Entering Existing Guests can be done several ways:

1)  Using the Guest Panel and just enter their information and assign them their existing Site.

2)  Using the Reservation Grid and selecting the Arrival and Departure dates on the Site Row.

3)  Using the Map.

It is our opinion, that when initially loading your Guests into RV Park it may be best to use the first option. 

Now, with that said, there could be an easier way to get all of your Guests loaded into RV Park without typing each one in from scratch.  Boy, would that ever save some time!!!  OK, it requires you have (or can create) an Excel spreadsheet (must be a 97-2003 xls version) or CSV File of those Guests.  If you have a previous computer based application that can export an Excel (or CSV) or already have that or maybe used Quickbooks that have your Guest information, etc., you may be able to use DataImporter (an RV Park provided application) to import your Guest List into RV Park.  You can go HERE for more information.  If you can get access to your Guests in a computer based file, we may be able to help you get them imported.

We will focus on the first option to Enter Guests into RV Park; the Guest Panel Entry approach.  You will be entering their Name, Address, etc. or if they were imported, you simply find them and their information will be provided.  You will need to enter their Arrival and Departure dates.  This is where you may want to think about what Arrival date you want to use ... RV Park keeps financial records and you need to determine where you want to start tracking Rents and/or Electric payments.  We would recommend you enter the last date you got paid for their Rent as their Arrival date.  This is because when you enter their next "Paid Thru Date", RV Park will calculate their Rent as of their Arrival Date.

So, you will need a list of Guests, their information, their Arrival (last paid Rent date), Departure date, type of Vehicle or Stay Type (like RV; Cabin; Tent; etc), and Rent Type (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, etc.  NOTE: This is How They Pay, Not how long they Stay.) and you will be ready to start.

Let's begin: