We just want to welcome you to the RV Park Software program.  A program we have developed to help the smaller parks get into the computer based management arena without costing a lot of money.  E-Business Made Simple is a small Colorado business with the goal of keeping it's retired owner busy with helping folks like yourself.  Please review the Help files in the various RV Park programs.  Yes, there are 4 programs that come with RV Park Software.  Each has a Help File to help with using the application. This Training Help File tries to provide the Concepts of how to use RV Park software, but there is also a Detailed RV Park Help File that covers every aspect of the program. There are also:

MapMaker - a simple tool to create and maintain up to 4 Maps of your facility.

Park Calendar - another simple tool to help manage reservations for a Rec Room, or Pavilion, or other type of facility.  It will support many facility areas, or you can just keep track of activities for the park and then print a calendar for others to see.

DataImporter - this is a tool I built to help parks Import Guests, Point Of Sale items, or even Sites, from a spreadsheet or text based file.  It even Exports data from a MS Access database to a spreadsheet, should you want to go with another Park Management application.

The Help files will answer most questions and clear up most confusion.  When you can't figure it out, just give us a call or an Email.

Thanks for your Interest,

Bill Lusby