Data Importer is a tool to help set up RV Park Software.  There have been numerous requests to be able to Import information from older systems into the RV Park database, as opposed to entering it manually.  There are several areas where Importing information could be helpful. 

If your old system used a MS Access database, Data Importer can be used to Export a MS Excel file that can inturn be Imported into the RV Park Software database with Data Importer.  This can be done without having a License of MS Access or MS Excel.

Data Importer is designed to import data for Site Definition; Guest Information; and Point of Sale or Other Charges information could be very helpful to be able to load from an older system.  The issues are being able to "Map" or match up data fields from another system to RV Park.  This tool attempts to provide an interface to accomplish the Mapping.  What you will need to Import your old data is either a Text type file of the data or an Excel Spreadsheet of that information, which can usually be exported from the old system or, if you are familiar with databases and the information is stored in one, you can export it directly from the database.  The best import is from an Excel Spreadsheet of the Table.